Parade of Lights

I just love photos of all three of the girls like this. I fast forward 20 years and picture us around the fire with our grandkids and looking at this picture. That’s fun.


I decided a few years ago that in lieu of a material gift for my birthday I wanted our family to go to Denver’s Parade of Lights since my birthday often coincides with it. They must also all be happy and there is no whining aloud. I only had to remind them of this once. I’d be lying if I told you it was the children I had to remind ; )

This year El Guapo surprised me with a night at a hotel right on the parade route! Fantabulous! The parade is super fun-but getting in and out of downtown, staking out a spot and staying warm-all around dinner time-can be quite tricky. He found us a hotel and a room that overlooked the parade route. We placed our chairs out early in the evening (we could see them from our room!) and headed to the pool and hot tub, sauna and steam room. Lovely.

It was my birthday so there will be no photos of me in my bathing suit. Happy Birthday to me.

The parade was fun. We had packed dinner, hot tea and cookies and lots of hats, gloves, snow pants, scarves and boots. We stayed warm with the exception of my upper left hip where A’s hot cider (free from the local Starbucks-at least we’re pretty sure it was free…) spilled onto my jeans and soaked through my long johns (janes?).

The next morning we headed out to breakfast-Caitlin’s (thanks to our coupon). I ordered the special of the day: Cinnamon Roll French Toast. It was my birthday so that’s why I chose that. It was delicious-and I’d order it again-even if it wasn’t my birthday. I ordered a side of two sausage patties, too : )

Here’s to another year filled with God’s blessings-even when they are disguised as mood swings, clutter, disobedient children and 10 extra pounds.

La Gringa


10 thoughts on “Parade of Lights

  1. Aunt Karen says:

    What a wonderful and loving husband you have, or course I knew that, but he really pulled off a good one this time!!!!! Did you watch the parade from your balcony ~~ thought you did? But you said you packed dinner etc.

    What good memories you are making for your little ones, AND yourselves!

    God bless you!!


  2. Heather says:

    LOL – love the comment about no swimsuit pics on your birthday. Frankly I try to abide by that rule for myself all year long, not just on my birthday. Happy B-day.


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