My grandma

My brother and I recently had the opportunity to share our lives with our grandmother. We grew up just two blocks away from her (and my grandpa). My grandpa passed away 7 years ago. That was hard and sad to let go of a wonderful man. Now, my grandmother is sick (most recently from chemotherapy) with liver cancer. The chemotherapy was too hard on her 92-year-old body and although she is recovering from the treatment she is experiencing more pain from the cancer. Although we all will face death at some point, it is much closer for my grandma and my brother and I wanted a chance to visit with her one last time, just in case. It was a sweet time of remembering her, enjoying her and sharing our lives with her, crying together.

We heard stories we’d never heard before-even my mom (her daughter) was surprised! A tearful goodbye was painful-but a sweet joy overwhelmed me as I left, knowing that if we don’t see her again here on earth we will see her again in heaven. She is looking forward to seeing grandpa, her husband of over 60 years. She’s been having dreams of him coming to her and holding her. The thought still brings tears to my eyes. Here’s to a wonderful woman who continues to amazing me!

We love you grandma!

La Gringa y su familia


One thought on “My grandma

  1. Jamie says:

    This was so sweet… your Grandma is blessed to have grandchildren that love her that much. I hope when I get old (if not sooner) that my grandchildren love me like that.


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