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Sewing Projects

I hem. Therefore I don’t think I really sew, I think I just hem. I’m not a perfectionist which makes it hard to have things fit correctly when you’re aiming for the clothes not to fall off or the dress to go over your hips (or head). My mom, she sews. My grandma, she’s amazing. Her bucket list has three things on it-two of which involve finishing her latest skirt/blouse combo. Not me. Did I mention I just hem? I’ve considered taking classes at the local Fancy Tiger but I could just as easily learn from my mom. I’ll let you know how that works out.

In the meantime-I’m bound and determined to teach my girls to sew, er, I mean hem : ) Here’s some recent photos of two projects we did together (they cut and used the machine-all I did was pin and iron). Very proud of my little seamstresses in the making. I have some of M making a blanket but haven’t downloaded those yet…oops.

The photo of “Little Singer” is S using my sewing machine I used to use when I was little. The nostalgia was much better than reality, though. It’s small and doesn’t go backwards-and I couldn’t get the bobbin to refill (it’s this special tiny little thing) so we finished up on the Bernina-ah…I love my Bernina. $10 at a school auction sale-thanks AD (that’s my bff from college) for the great buy-has it already been?- 14 years ago?!


Sorry for the previous no-photo blog posts. That’s just not fun at all!

La Gringa Cafe tonight-Chicken Pot Pie, Fried Rice and Tacos on the menu-and of course chocolate chip cookies for dessert : )

La Gringa


7 thoughts on “Sewing Projects

  1. Jen F. says:

    That’s so great! I love that you teach your kids stuff even if it’s not your thing. That is really awesome and I think we can all learn from that. E loves her apron and bag! If that’s your definition of hemming then I’d say sewing is about 80% hemming! πŸ™‚ And as someone who like to sew more than you, I would be lying if I didn’t say I’m a little…okay a lot…envious of your Bernina! πŸ™‚


  2. Jen F. says:

    One more thing cause I’m laughing at myself…If I was still doing media monitoring for JW I’d be adding this post to the January report! Ha ha.


  3. Amy Y says:

    If you ever decide to take that Fancy Tiger class (I took my Sewing 101 there and loved it!), let me know and I’ll take it with you! I’m just beginning but so far I’m loving sewing, er, heming πŸ™‚ I haven’t learned how to hem yet, though. hee hee


    • Oh, good to know! Hey-will you do me a favor-I’m trying to figure out this “reply to comment” thingy on wordpress and I’m wondering if you actually get this or it only appears as a reply on the blog under your comment…so if you get this in your email let me know : )

      Thanks-and that would be fun to do together! Did the Sewing 101 class teach you things you didn’t know?


  4. Jamie says:

    To A… L’s mom. Don’t beat yourself up over not teaching your daughter to sew… if your experience was anything like mine, she had more important things to do back then. I tried to teach my daughter S to sew… I couldn’t wait to give her my prized Singer Featherweight plus a great sewing box with everything in it for her 16th birthday… our one and only lesson lasted about an hour. Now she’s in her 30’s and wishing she knew how to sew!


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