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Les Miserables

Les Miserables (Everyman's Library)

Have you read this book? Maybe you’ve seen the movie or attended a performance. I am currently reading the book and have never experienced a play or seen it on a screen. The book is amazing!! My friend (yes, she’s the same one that recommended To Say Nothing of the Dog and The Saturdays to me-we’re a tightly knit, well read group around here-what can I say?) loves the book and the play. Couldn’t get her to stop talking about it, actually.

The next day I was walking downstairs and my eye caught one of the antique books I have decorating this area El Guapo (un)affectionately calls “The Museum” (he’s vehemently opposed to clutter) and there IT was!! I had picked it up from my Great Aunt’s house when she passed away several years ago and placed it there! Who knew!?

The book reminds me of making croissants; there are so many layers to it-and they all keep coming together (so far-I’m on page 267 of 501) in a crash of ultimate delight. I’m always trying to squeeze in a half hour here and there to indulge.

In fact, what am I doing blogging? I must go read!!

La Gringa


3 thoughts on “Les Miserables

  1. Susanna says:

    Ooh, I’ve always meant to read that and now that I’ve recovered from War & Peace, maybe it’s time. 😉

    On the kids-book front, coincidentally, in preparation for our NYC trip, my daughter is reading The Saturdays — I speed-read it yesterday and loved it! I also got her to read one of my childhood favorites set in NY – “From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler.” We tried it for read-aloud a couple of years ago, but she was too worried about kids out on their own. Now that she is older, she loved it. And not too long ago we read another good set-in-NY book – “Harriet the
    Spy” – remember that one?


    • I completely understand the need for recovery! I’ve been looking at my next book on my nightstand and just am not ready yet. I finished Les Miserable in a late night reading escapade that had me up until 2am over the weekend. I’m so full of Les Miserables that I’m not ready to move on just yet.

      That’s so great that your daughter is reading those books! Love them-and I’m thinking I need to get my girls in front of those titles.

      Any other good grown-up books you’ve read lately?


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