Running alone

Surprise! I’m not going to whine about my 1/2 marathon training!

However, I would like to tell the man wearing a black ski mask and black hooded sweatshirt that I should have just sprayed him with my pepper spray on principle alone.

Seriously-what man goes walking alone before the sun rises with a ski mask and a hood?!

Clearly this man does not have a woman living with him. There is no way a self-respecting woman would let her man out of the house that way.

On the non-whiny side of things: I made it 8 miles without dying (from lung collapse or strangely dressed men)!

La Gringa


4 thoughts on “Running alone

  1. Anne N says:

    Seriously, that would deter me from running all together. Congrat’s on the 8 miles, you should see if Tara wants to run with you. I’ve been neglecting her.


  2. Jen F says:

    Okay. Seriously, please tell me that this is not an actual picture of the man you’re describing. And please tell me that you are finding a new running route as I love you and don’t want you to be a victim of a terrorist attack. Good grief!

    Oh, and congrats on the 8 miles! Woohoo!!! I forget, you signed up for the half marathon, correct? Yeah Gringa! I’m going to come cheer you on with my cow bell! I ran 1 mile today…so impressive isn’t it? Ha ha. 🙂 I must be working my way up to a 5k. Watch out running world, here I come. 🙂


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