Science Fair 2011

The girls entered the Science Fair at their once a week school (we call it Tuesday school ’round here-‘cuz it’s on-you guessed it-Tuesdays!). It was a lot of fun to do-they learned a lot about the scientific method and how to present something-both on their boards and to the judges orally.

S’s project was: Which solution keeps flowers alive the longest?. Conclusion: Regular water worked great, as did the solution with the packet from the store. I was actually very surprised how long the flowers lasted. We also learned that the more color a flower has-the less “vase-life” it has. Interesting!

A’s project was: Which solution makes the biggest bubble?. Conclusion: L.O.C. (Amway) mixed with water did the trick! The bubbles were actually quite strong and huge! This one was a challenge to measure. My mom came up with the fabulous idea to use her Creative Memories circle cutter devise-you’ll see it in the photos. She photo copied it, stuck it in a page protector and then A used a straw to blow the bubbles onto the page protector. She won 2nd place for her entry-her very first ribbon!


2 thoughts on “Science Fair 2011

  1. Aunt Karen says:

    Great job kids! Just a little more bubble fun: When you are blowing bubbles, wet your hand or your fingers in the bubble solution and you can put your hand inside the bubble without popping it. Or you can catch the bubble on your hand and it won’t immediately pop. Also, when blowing bubbles with a straw, try blowing a bubble within a bubble. Bubbles are soooooooooo much fun!


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