A true friend…

…sends you this quote on a rainy day-Thanks Kim!

Hi [La Gringa] I was reading a book recently and the author started a chapter with this story of cookie dough. I thought of you! Here’s what he said:

“On occasion, an insatiable craving for chocolate chip cookie dough consumes me. I’m not saying the idea of cookie dough comes every once in awhile as a fleeting thought. I’m saying it controls my being at times. From where this yearning comes, I do not know. If I could get to the root of the problem I might have a chance. I only know the salivary glands are triggered and the cravings must be satisfied, not for cookies, but cookie dough. I am a pawn in this game, completely at its mercy.
In college, the craving could be satisfied by the simple purchase of a pre-made roll of dough that originated in a factory thousands of miles away, whose working conditions I know not of, where vast sums are blended, packaged and shipped. Since college my taste has become more exacting. So today, a pre-mixed roll made months ago in a distant land will not do. Nothing measures up to the taste of fresh cookie dough. An unrestrained party of seismic proportions erupts once the mixture touches the tongue. And its not for lack of precision…the second the mixture touches my tongue, the papillae (or taste buds) begin a search that happens at blink speed…1 tsp of vanilla extract? Check. 1/4 cup brown sugar? check. And down the checklist. Except on one occasion, tragedy struck. Five minutes into the consecration of the elements, vanilla extract was nowhere to be found. I tried to deceive them, put on my poker face. The instant the mixture reached my mouth, the nose sent a signal to the brain that something was suspicious. the tongue confirmed it and the jig was up. Mass Hysteria!”

I’ts only funny because….it’s true!

Now if you”ll excuse me, today is a perfect day for cookie dough-and I have plenty of imitation vanilla, thanks to Costco so no worries there.

La Gringa


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