Intentional Mothering

That seems to be the theme of my 2011. Being intentional about all I do, say, am. Not allowing my family to be swept into the strong current of our culture and it’s passions but to go against the flow and intentionally lead my children in the way God would have us go. It’s tiring, but completely worth it.

Remember back in January when I invited you to the MomHeart conference? Yes, it was January-I can’t believe it. I was going to share with you about my time with friends and Sally Clarkson at her MomHeart Conference and realized it’s been four months since I was there! Wow.

If you’re new here-or havent yet picked up on my obsession with motherhood and what God says about it, here’s a quick summary:

1. I truly believe that our primary role as mothers is to raise our children into godly leaders for the next generation.

2. Ideals are big in my world. For example I desire for my kids to think of others first by serving, giving and caring for each other and people around them just as Jesus did. I believe that my job as a mom involves carefully crafting situations that allow us as a family to be built up in areas of character, perseverance, modesty, truthfulness and a heart to see people understand the truth of God’s word (Bible) and His purpose for their lives.

3. By surrounding myself with women with similar ideals I enjoy the encouragement and accountability needed to keep on this very difficult, often times uphill trek of motherhood.

I’m not feeling all to eloquent at the moment-which is why I’ll stop here and share with you some photos of my friends and me at the conference. I’m also sneaking  in one of some friends from my Bible study this spring. We had the privilege of attending a study at Sally’s home-about an hour from where we live. It’s so refreshing to see a woman I admire from the stage in her living room. She’s so full of integrity and passion. Every time I leave her house I’m all ready to go be with my kids! Love that.

Have a wonderful weekend!

La Gringa


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