Colfax Marathon 2011

Yes, we're cold. Yes, that's sweat in my hair.

I did it! Remember when I was whining about having to run a 1/2 marathon? Well, I’m happy, proud and sore and very excited to tell you that I did it! My goal was to run the entire race without walking. I actually didn’t even have to stop-like for a potty break-or anything! My stopwatch time actually matched my chip time (for those of you who have no idea what a “chip” is-it’s a timing thingy you attach to your shoe laces. It knows your name and keeps track of your time; once when you cross the starting line and again when you cross the finish line. Pretty cool).  My time was 2:23:08. That’s two hours and 23 min.-about an 11 min. mile pace. Exactly what I’d planned.

It was FREEZING that day and the post race recovery was horrible. The rain/sleet/snow that was coming down combined with my sweat made me miserable and longing for a hot chocolate and some new clothes. Thankfully my friends and I had planned accordingly and within an hour of finishing we were at Udi’s in Stapleton, warm, dry and enjoying a very delicious post-race breakfast.

I do have to add a caveat, though. The race in which I ran, the Colfax Marathon, took us through some very poor neighborhoods. I couldn’t help but feel very aware of the fact that 4,000 of us had paid upwards of $60 to run down their street. I’m pretty sure that’s not  how many of those people watching us would have used the $60. Not that I won’t run anymore races-but I will definitely consider donating my money and running with my friends as a very viable option. El Guapo did mention he’d charge me 1/2 price and still include a cute t-shirt, what a guy!

Oh, and along the way there was this billboard:

I wanted to shout: “Because I’ve never tried smoked puppy!” but I just couldn’t catch my breath long enough to do so. It would’ve been funny though and everyone would’ve thought I was the coolest person ever…which is most definitely the point of my existence. Oh, right…not so much.

Okay, I’m done now.

La Gringa


2 thoughts on “13.1

  1. Renee Bernhard says:

    LOL, great post! And great job on the run! So glad I got to see you briefly afterwards. I hope you’ve caught the bug and want to keep doing events. See you on the streets this summer. 🙂


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