Mom Heart Conference Take 3

Oh my word. Seriously, if you live in Texas or California and are not planning on attending this year’s Mom Heart conference you need to change your plans. If you live in Colorado and didn’t attend this weekend please fly to California or Texas. Yes, it was that good. A friend likened it to taking a warm bath. This my third time attending. I would say this year I needed it more than ever and boy did God deliver!

I am very full at the moment and if I try to explain it all here in this post you’d never read it all, it would take you all day not to mention my children would think I love the computer way more than them, which would basically undo all that I learned at the conference so I will slowly unpack it in several posts.

The main theme for me this year:

Performance based love vs. Grace based love

I desire for my heart to be pointed toward the Lord and not towards getting things done (chores, math worksheets, etc.). Not that they should never follow-through with what they have been asked to do, but if they are not obeying I need to remember to take the time to work on the character issue at hand (i.e. laziness, procrastination, whining, etc.). Having my heart pointed towards the Lord, looking upon my children with grace will give me the patience to look at the character issue first. Here’s how I see it working out in very real life:

Performance based love: “S, I told you to clean your room! It isn’t even close-have you even looked in here? Get up here right now and clean it up, this is unacceptable!!!” I’m using exclamation marks here to help you understand that this wasn’t not said in a gentle, quiet voice : )

Grace based love: “S, can you meet me on the couch? I need to talk with you about something. Remember how I told you that you couldn’t play a computer game until your room was clean? You told me that it was clean, but I was just there and it wasn’t clean. The bible says that whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men. I’d like you to go back up to your room and try again. In the meantime, you have lost your computer time for today. Please make sure you are working as for the Lord, not for me.” I might also pray with her and ask the Holy Spirit to work in her to work hard and excellently.

Okay-so do you see how much more time it takes to offer grace based love? I believe it’s worth it. I also believe it’s hard and will mean that my heart needs to be filled with the Holy Spirit each moment so that I will have the patience and wisdom to shape my child’s heart for eternity. I also know that I am sinful and will struggle with this daily. So I cling to my Lord and trust Him. I also have friends that will keep me accountable and encourage me, a husband who will listen to and help me. Sally reminded me of this this weekend. I love being challenged towards excellence!

More to come!

Seriously, change your plans. The link to the right on my sidebar will get you to the conference info page.

La Gringa




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