Days one & two: What we read

Not sure why I’m listing this? Check out this post, then you’ll understand.

Monday (I had the girls until noon-then they were at my parent’s for art):

Began a story from Tanglewood Tales (greek mythology)

The Wooden Horse of Troy

How People Lived in Ancient Greece

Who Was King Tut?

Little Mouse Wants an Apple

A chapter from Unlikely Friendships

“Little Orphant Annie” by James Whitcomb Riley

“The Duel” by Eugene Field

Summary of 1 Samuel Chps. 4 & 5 from The Child’s Story Bible (why don’ t you have this book-it’s fantastic!!)

S read: Bernstein Bears’ And then there were 5

A read: Farmer Brown Goes Round and Round

M read: Hop on Pop

I also read a funny story at bedtime about a sneezing “rag man” who would change animals’ characteristics every time he sneezed. It was funny, and kinda similar to A’s choice of Farmer Brown Goes Round and Round.


Day Two (all day, minus a trip to the rec center to work-out together and shower then stopped by the bookmobile before returning home):

Tropical Forest Birds

Henny Penny

Fancy Nancy and the delectable cupcakes

More from Tanglewood Tales (we’re reading the one called “Pomegranate Seeds” chosen completely for its title)


S read a book she just got from the bookmobile called Puppy Training. We learned that “stool” also means poop. You know that was the first thing she told El Guapo at dinner, of course it was!

A read Hannah’s Winter of Hope. I’m going to take this time to explain to you that A has decided “she’s just not that into reading”. Now I know there are phases, but at her age-with SO many fun books this just isn’t making my momma heart happy. Hoping this “cleanse” will help us all in this area.

M read some of her hooked on phonics books and every other page of Pinkalicious and her Unicorn, Goldie. (that’s not the actual title, but you get the idea : )

We also reviewed Psalm 23, our own memory verses (more on that later) and the books of the OT.

Next post: Day three (Thursday) as they have school on Wednesdays-not that we won’t read, but it’s not part of the cleanse : )




One thought on “Days one & two: What we read

  1. Anonymous says:

    Lori, what a great idea! Developing the joy of ready is so important! As I was looking over your selections, some more came to mind: Little House Series and the Boxcar Children (original ones written by Warner). These are great for wanting “more” to see what is going to happen next and for developing identity with the characters ~ putting yourself into the story.
    Penny is a good one to tap for ideas, she has done an outstanding job of reading with the boys throughout the years, I am always amazed at the number of books that they have completed over the years, just by reading a little a day, usually, I think, at the breakfast table before school. They are now rereading books that have become favorites.
    Oh, another series that kids LOVE, Series of Unfortunate Events!!!! by Lemony Snickett ~~ really draws the kids in and develops as great vocabulary as you read, very unique!! This is a series we started in the car on the way to SanFan. and had to stop at a bookstore to buy the next one as we finished the first one and couldn’t wait!!!


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