How do you wash your wash, launder your laundry, limpiar la ropa?

A friend was just here and mentioned that she doesn’t wash any underwear with the kid’s school uniforms-and said it as if she wasn’t that particular about laundry…that was all she did special.

It got me thinking that maybe I missed a lesson in laundry somewhere? I mean I don’t really remember doing a lot of laundry when I was home (mom and dad-feel free to weigh in here) and college doesn’t count since I was paying per load so I certainly didn’t do anything that would send me scrambling for more quarters. But as a housewife (a job I’ve been at for over 14 years) I have never done anything extraordinary with my laundry.

Darks cold water.

Lights warm water.

Whites hot water but I normally mix them with lights since I don’t bleach things and/or it would be too small of a load to justify being on its own.

Maybe  I have a load of towels here and there, but I normally throw those in with whatever color they go with.

Water, soap, clothes.

Sometimes: Water, clothes, soap.

Less often but still a possibility: Clothes, soap, water.

I started thinking that it really doesn’t matter if my family doesn’t care…and then I remembered that El Guapo started doing his own laundry about a year and a half ago so he could have more control over the way his clothes were being washed. Doh!

I just blamed his perfectionism and brushed off any guilt.

So I guess it’s just the girls and me-and they certainly don’t care-as long as I don’t turn their underwear pink-oh wait, that’s fine, too.

So what on earth do you do with your laundry that sets you apart? I’d love to know!

Who knows? Maybe I’ll try it…or maybe I won’t-it’s kinda nice that he does his own laundry.

La Gringa


2 thoughts on “How do you wash your wash, launder your laundry, limpiar la ropa?

  1. I’m pretty bad…..I separate things according to their location after I was them. I hate folding so this works the best for me and so I wash everything in cold water (doesn’t really seem to matter on my whites). Plus I’ve heard that washing in Cold water is better for energy consumption. I end up with a load that goes to each room and then put away as I fold and so I’m done and don’t have a mass of clothes to fold.


  2. Some funnies… one of the things I got to thank my mother-in-law for this weekend was her good home training of my husband. This included teaching all her children to DO THEIR OWN LAUNDRY beginning in 3rd grade. Everyone had their own day, and if they “didn’t get around to it” they’d have to wait till the following week. While I was busy thanking her for this, her best friend confessed that when her kids were in college, they’d always bring their laundry home for her to do, and then she’d wash/dry/fold it and SNEAK BACK into their dorm rooms to PUT IT AWAY. “Can you imagine?” she asked me.
    Nope, I can’t. But I’m sure her children will remember her more fondly than mine will remember me…


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