Remembering the Cross

I’ve been feeling pretty icky lately (not like cough and runny nose icky but hormones raging out of control icky). I have plenty to complain about and WAY more to rejoice about. Funny how the complaints come so much easier than the thankfulness. Ugh.

Then I remembered Who we’ve been preparing to honor this weekend. He went through so much more than me-I mean, to compare His trials to mine is quite pitiful, actually. I’m quite ashamed to say I started to write a post today about why I just ate an entire bag of popcorn in the middle of the day while I surfed the net for swim skirts and listened to Cook’s Illustrated on my local pbs station (major guilty pleasures for me!) and have already eaten two oatmeal raisin cookies….see what I mean, what. a. whiner.

Praise God for Jesus! Praise God for the sacrifice of His Son.

Praise God He is no longer in the grave!!! Praise God my sins are washed away, washed away!

Switching my focus today-how ’bout everyday?!

La Gringa


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