Wasn’t the house just clean?!


Seriously feeling this way today (and a lot of days actually). This week in particular has been a doozy. A broken arm, a gum graft and, well, a tired mother who Keeps. Doing. Dishes. But the truth is, give me 5-10min. in each room and we’re back on top again! Gotta go set the timer! Ready? Set? GO!!


3 thoughts on “Wasn’t the house just clean?!

  1. Jen says:

    I seriously say this to myself ALL THE TIME. How does it get so dirty do incredibly fast!? It’s especially disheartening when you’ve just finish the big thorough cleaning and within 24 hours it looks like you did nothing the day before. Not to mention the fact that we use paper plates 80% of the time and we STILL have endless dishes. Don’t even get me started on the laundry saga. And these always seem to be the times that people drop by. Why can’t they intuitively know to come 30 seconds after you finish cleaning? 🙂 All that to say…you’re not alone!


  2. Ok… I have only one question for you Lori… Why are YOU doing the dishes? You have got some very capable little ladies that could be taking over that job for you! In our house once you turn about 7 then you are old enough to get the kitchen clean and you are rewarded with eating at the next meal 😉 Love you!


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