A typical day

When I first started home schooling (okay, like months before) I would ask for schedules from anyone I knew that home schooled. I needed to know how on earth they got everything (laundry, math, dinner, science, blog posts…) into their day. I downloaded, filed and copied many. After having my kids home for over 4 years now I feel like I understand that it’s a dance. Some days we dance to Vivaldi’s Four seasons (Spring)which is what I’m listening to as I write this post. Other days are more like AC/DC meets Barney-yes, that bad.

I think hundreds (thousands?) of moms considering home schooling would love to shadow a home schooler to see what her typical day looks like (I know I would have loved that!). And since you can’t come over I thought I’d lay out a typical day for you-actually, it’s not typical at all. It was just last Friday and is quite real. If I tried to do a “typical” day I’d fluff it up and put stuff in there that I’d wished had happened…here’s how it really went:

5:05am: Alarm goes off (static since the antenna to the radio doesn’t work). Run three miles, lunges in the backyard, calf raises thanks to the front steps. As I do my lunges I notice a figure staring at me from the sliding glass door. Mismatched flannel pjs and a large stuffed baby doll. M is up and says to me, “I wanted to be the first one up!”. I congratulate her and tell her mommy hasn’t had her quiet time yet and she must to back to sleep. Place on couch, cover with blanket.

6:03am: Determined to read my Bible and pray on the back patio I grab necessary supplies (tip toeing around dozing off child).

6:05am: El Guapo comes down. I come in, warm his water for his to-go tea, kiss, hug (all very quietly as not to awaken possible sleeping child). Quietly close door behind him.

6:15am: Back to Jesus and prayer.

6:50am: “Mom, what’s for breakfast?” me: “Cereal Friday. It’s not 7 o’clock yet, please go back upstairs.”

7:02am: “Mom, can I get the cereal out?” me: of course. I shower.

7:25am: Upon entering the kitchen I hear LOTS of cereal on the floor. Crunch. Crunch. “Ugh!! Please sweep this up, it’s driving me crazy!” Insert idle threats about not letting them get cereal out again unless I am present…

7:26am: Read the story of Naaman and his leprous healing.

8am: Kitchen chores (sweeping, unload/load dishwasher). Much complaining. I take beans away-offer to replenish their jars when I see grateful attitudes. (Beans=$ for helping around the house-more on this later).

8:30am: Clean rooms, get dressed, make beds, brush hair. This takes way longer than it should-not too much arguing with each other.

9:32: Read together The Mysterious Benedict Society, Aristotle’s thoughts on Friendship, A portion of Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew. This last one is a tough one with lots of , “Mom! This doesn’t make sense, can we please just eat lunch now” and then I say, “You just had breakfast-see, this is why we don’t have cereal every morning for breakfast-it doesn’t fill you up and you’re starving an hour later!”

10:06: Assign M snack. She comes back with a cookie and 1/4 cup of raisins in three bowls. The cookies are stale and everyone complains, throws them away and asks for pretzels as a replacement. I say they have to wait until Petruchio says this one more really funny thing to Katherine, then they can. S asks what’s for lunch. I remind her it’s not 11:30am yet and she has to wait to ask until then. And remind her that she knew that already.

10:30am: Drive to bookmobile to grab books that are in. Stop by my parent’s house to grab a more modest Barbie outfit for S’s new Barbie (her idea) pillage a bag of fruit snacks per child (thanks mom and dad : ).

11:02am: Supervise computer math, workbook math, copywork/dictation, phonics, arguing about someone tapping their pencil too loudly. Each child reads 30min. each-M reads to me and finishes two books-very proud of herself.

11:03am: S asks what’s for lunch.I remind her it’s not 11:30am yet and she has to wait to ask until then. And remind her that she knew that already. I also remind her that we’ve had LOTS of snacks already.

11:30: “What’s for lunch”. me: “Sandwiches”. S: “Again!”. Sigh.

1:00pm Lunch. Sandwiches. Again (apparently).

2:00pm: I set up stations. A great, sneaky way to get a lot done in a little amount of time. Said stations are:

-Listen to our hymn “I’ll Fly Away” on my ipod. Then practice Chopin “Funeral March” on the keyboard.

-Free writing (S has a hard time with thinking/writing so she uses the voice recorder. A and M already have their stories from the last time and they work on those.

-Cooking (their grandpa was coming over and we NEEDED rice krispie treats, so they each helped with that when they got to that station).

2:45am Free time begins (legos, swinging, playing princess, etc.). I think about dinner and my date night with El Guapo coming up in a couple of hours. I also vacuum all the rooms because it makes me happy.

This was what I would call a good day. Living life together is always an adventure and I love doing it with my girls!

La Gringa


5 thoughts on “A typical day

  1. Thanks for a glimpse into your day-to-day! I actually would love to follow along someday-but this will do and is SO appreciated! I hope your date was wonderful!


  2. Jen F says:

    La Gringa, this is why I love you! 🙂 Love the mixture of activities and reality. Even for those of us who send our kids to school, at the end of the day you just hope something stuck in the middle of the chaos and constantly wanting to eat! 🙂 You’re doing an awesome job with your kids. Such great girls!


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