I’m not coveting, no, not at all…

Oh geez. I’m re-purposing some rooms in our house (for those of you that know me-yes, again!!) and am bound and determined to make this my last major shift for our school room. I know I’ll need to adjust it as the years progress, but my goal is to have a room that meets our needs sufficiently. In an effort to get some inspiration (I must SEE before I DO!) I stumbled upon this blog-was it from Pintrest? I seriously don’t remember…but I am forever changed!

Now, I will be sharing this link to all of you who read my blog. Please be cautious that if you are a home schooler you might feel kind of inadequate after reading this (I speak from experience of course). I’m working through that and once I do-I am so coming back to this blog with my notebook in hand-and El Guapo over my shoulder-I need him to build me shelves and maybe even a bookshelf divider thingy. Here’s the link-use it wisely my daughter: Wildflowers and Marbles. What makes matters even better-she’s a Charlotte Mason-er! So if I don’t blog for a while-just click on her link and you’ll find plenty to read about!



La Gringa : )


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