Bible thoughts

Perspective part one

I’ve read two books this year that are rocking my suburban world. They are making this momma think, a lot. It’s also challenging me to make some changes in our daily lives-maybe even our long-term. Now let me stop and make a very good point (well, I think it’s a good point-but I’ll let you decide). The Bible is a book that changes my perspective every time I read it. These books I’m about to review are using the Bible as their guide. Technically, the Bible alone should bring me to the conclusions these books do. However, the way these authors word things help me to see the specific nature of what God has called us to in the Bible. Wow. I’m not sure that was very clear. :

Radical by David Platt

Radical: Taking Back Your Faith from the American Dream

This is a great book that, well, just as the cover image depicts, turns your world upside down (or right side up : ). Our library has it as an audio and an ebook-so there’s really no excuse for you not to read/listen to this book! This book continues to challenge me on my attitude towards and during church. David Platt is a pastor of a mega church trying to bring perspective to a lot of people who are looking for big screens, expensive programming and comfy chairs.

I’ll review the 2nd book in another post…stay tuned!

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