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Giving Credit, Where Credit is Due

Do you believe in God? I mean really believe there is something more out there? The girls and I have been studying (with a fine toothed comb I might add-thanks to Genevieve Foster’s book) the ancient world and their attempts at answering some very important questions-ones that continue to come up thousands of years later:

1-What is this world we live in and how was it created?

2-How can we live in it with other people and be happy?

3-What will happen to us when we die?

Foster goes through several major people groups and their beliefs at the time. One thread remains-they all believed there was something more to life than themselves.

So were these people just dumb and we’ve evolved to where we are today-a world where atheism is growing ?

They didn’t seem stupid.

The girls and I study our faith and others’ attempts at answering the top three questions. Why do we believe this guy named Jesus was savior of the world? How do we know Isis isn’t the Goddess we should be following? If we did explode into this universe what purpose does that give us for living here?

I’m curious how you believe and how you pass this on to your children. There are some interesting things going on in our courts today that could affect how we teach our children. I’m very interested to hear your perspective.

So what do you think?

La Gringa


One thought on “Giving Credit, Where Credit is Due

  1. Anonymous says:

    I have a lot of thoughts on this and little eloquence to express them right now, but I’ll try 🙂

    I get very frustrated with the whole Atheist movement because it seems nearly impossible to argue or convince an atheist that there is a God or any sort of higher being. Our country was founded on freedom OF religion, not freedom FROM religion. It’s our freedom to select which church/religion to belong to. It’s unfortunate that so many Americans are choosing none of the above. Our government and its laws will only work if we include spirituality into the mix. Ideally that spirituality will rooted in Christianity, but any belief in a higher being is helpful.

    We believe that every person born on Earth was born with the light of Christ. It’s somewhere in every single person. It is our job as parents to keep that light shining and to teach and demonstrate how to keep it burning. We do all we can as parents to teach them the Gospel of Jesus Christ as children and then we set them free into the world. As adults they have the freedom to make their own choices and we hope and pray that they will make good choices and keep their testimonies strong through the essentials of daily scripture study and prayer and weekly church attendance.

    From my own experience of parenting, it is so easy for small children to know that Jesus is the Savior. We believe in a premortal existence and that we knew Jesus and his role as the Savior of all humanity before coming to Earth. So learning about Him in this life is not so much learning from square one, but it involves our spirits recognizing the truth of Jesus being the Savior. I think the younger and fresher we are, the easier it is, but not always. Adults can recognize it just as well if they have a pure heart. I find it fascinating that when my two year old sees a picture of Jesus, a picture that he may have never seen before, he can recognize it and and tell me that it’s a picture of “Jesus”. I have to believe that my child’s spirit recognizes Him and loves Him, because when he looks at the picture his countenance exudes pure happiness.

    I think that the difference between Christianity and other world religions is that Christianity has the Holy Spirit to testify the truth that Jesus is the Savior. Most religions are based on pieces of truth, therefore they are not entirely wrong and can produce good people with good values. I don’t have enough knowledge on other religions to expound on this though. I’m in the process of learning about ancient civilizations and other religions, as well furthering my knowledge of the Old Testament and answering some of these same questions you and your girls ask yourselves. In the meantime I feel blessed to have been born in America, to know I have a Savior, and to have been raised in a Christian home to teach me this.

    In regards to the Convention on the Rights of the Child, I don’t like it. I understand its purpose is to protect children from bad situations, but the fact that religion is involved is scary. God entrusts us with these children and I believe it goes completely against what He would want. I have a fear of losing my freedom to educate my child both spiritually and academically. I feel the government should be grateful for families who take on this responsibility. Kids are so easily swayed and give into peer pressure. They might want to practice atheism or other non-Christian religion because it’s the “cool thing to do” not because they put any thought into it. Most children don’t have the maturity to make such an important decision, and to think the law could protect them in their decision makes me sad. Yes, children should be granted individuality, but there is a reason we raise them from birth to age 18. They need the guidance during these delicate years.

    I don’t know if that answered your question or not, but these are my thoughts 🙂

    We are studying World History and it’s kind of overwhelming me right now because there is so much to know and I feel like I don’t know it well! I love world history book recommendations. Send them my way. How do you reconcile the dates that you read in secular books. For example, “such and such civilization began tens of thousands of years ago” when we know through scripture that civilization began around 4000 BC? It can get so confusing!


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