Facially featured part dos

For an explanation as to why I’m posting these photos see the post below this one. (I’m posting from my phone and can’t grab the link for you, sorry).

Oddly enough I just happened to have a (few) real life example(s) of what I look like when I’m trying to get my phone back from my kids….One I was pretending to be mad. The others are pretty authentically saying, (Insert sound of clenched teeth while talking quietly so no one around me can hear my annoyance) “ok. Enough messing around with my phone. Hand it over and nobody gets hurt! No, seriously, give me my phone.”

Also I’m aware that these photos aren’t my best…which is fun-when was the last time you saw ( and kept yourself tagged in) a less than flattering photo online? This is real people. Very real.

Here’s how they go…







Can you tell they’ve figured out how to keep taking photos the entire time I’m getting my phone back? Didn’t I just sit quietly and knit or something when I was a kid waiting for my mom while she talked and talked and talked??!!

Here’s to a great rest of your week!!

La Gringa.


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