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How long has it been?

Too long! I am SO ready to start blogging again! I took a large amount of time off from all things electronic and let me tell you-fantastico! I traded my iphone in for a flip phone, didn’t email for months and for those of you who think I unfriended you from FB-please don’t take it personally. I actually deleted my account…freedom! Although I have to say, as much as I enjoy not feeding my addiction to tracking everyone’s lives like a creepy stalker guy (I guess a creepy stalker could be a girl, too…but I just can’t get that picture in my head) I feel like I am totally missing out on the little details of my friends’ lives (or is it friend’s lives-geez). It’s like walking around with a blindfold on; I am finding I have to be very intentional about connecting with my friends-otherwise I have zero idea what is going on in their lives. That’s weird that we live like that now-a-days, isn’t it?

Also, we moved. seriously. We had been praying about a change for a while now (full-time ministry, working at a camp in the mountains, teaching internationally) but the Lord wasn’t unlocking any of those doors…until mid-May. We discovered we were ready to flip our land to house ratio on its head (or maybe on its feet?!). Our house we lived in for the last eight years was 3200 sq. ft (5 beds, 4 baths) and had a very teeny yard. It was also an hour away from El Guapo’s office (that’s two hours every day-I think he calculated he spent 52 days/year in his car). Then we visited a homestead (we called it a farm at first but then they told us it was a homestead-so now that’s what we call it). El Guapo and I (La Gringa, in case you’ve forgotten who I am, it has been a while you know!) looked at each other and said, “What in the world are we doing?! We need land! and chickens! and goats! and bees! and a cat to eat the mice and…and why are you (that’s me, looking at El Guapo) driving 2 hours everyday to work?!”

So that’s what we did. Well, first we prayed, a lot. Then we set to looking and praying some more. And then God gave us this little house/mini-farm (with three bedrooms and 1 3/4 baths 1800 square feet and six (6!!) acres and a barn and a quonset hut. God also sold the huge house/little yard in 11 days. 20min. commute! God is good. It’s near Palmer Lake. It has amazing views! It even has bird houses with Mountain Blue birds living in them!!

So, enough words. Here are some pictures of the new place! Can’t wait to have you over!!


Can you see the barn and quaonset hut in the background? It all needs lots of work, but that’s okay. it’s perfect for us!


And you can see Pikes Peak! Wow.


I’ll be back soon! So glad to be back! What have YOU been up to??

La Gringa.


10 thoughts on “How long has it been?

  1. Yay! You’re back! I’ve been missing you! We want to do the exact same thing! We would love more land, chickens, and stuff!! But husband is tied to job 😦 His commute is only 10 min so a flip in land to house ratio would increase the commute. So he’s working on getting his own business going so there is NO commute! So good to have you back online. I guess we’ll just have to chat via blog comments. Miss you, girl! 🙂


    • I miss you, too! You are on my top ten people I REALLY miss on fb…it was the only place we connected! : ( I will get started back onto your blog-that will work!!


  2. Anne Nam says:

    Yeah!!! So happy for you guys. Tara and I said you’ll be the next Pioneer Woman. Looking forward to all that is created there.


  3. Ann Tag says:

    So, so happy for you and your family! You are blessed! Looking forward to hearing so much more about homestead adventures.


  4. I have been thinking about you lady!!! Then…BAM; I get your change of address card in the mail! I could not wait to look at your blog again to get caught up on your new awesome adventure! I am so happy for you guys! This place looks amazing. God is so good! Now, to catch up on your blog posts…love you!
    PS We too have moved to Raleigh, NC. I am so HAPPY about it! I will ping you with our new address in a few.


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