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The Princess Bride

Disclaimer: mom and dad-if you are reading this please note that I would have had no other way of being raised-ever! You are truly the best parents I could ever have asked for!!

That being said, I kinda had it easy when it came to house chores. We had a pool guy, a gardener (remember this part-it comes up later in this post) and a housekeeper. My mom and dad were full-time educators and after a long day of teaching other people’s unruly children having these things taken care of was a huge blessing. 

Fast forward, oh, 36 years, and here I am. Lest you get the wrong impression of me, I am a very hard working young (ish) woman. No epidurals, climb 14ers, clean up body fluids without batting an eye-you get the idea. HOWEVER I haven’t really ever done really hard work on my own house. Okay, well, we did remodel our first home. We did work hard-but this whole six acres business-with a barn, mice and lots and lots of thistles is a whole ‘nother story!

Last week I spent three hours whacking at acres (I can actually say that and not exaggerate) of thistles with this thingy:



Holy cow! It was really hard (and I mean hard as in who the heck needs P90X when you whack at thistles for 3 hours straight?!). It was also really, really, really rewarding (and I mean rewarding as in I just accomplished that and still can’t feel the outside portion of my pointer finger, but there are no more thistles-until the next good rain-but still, no more thistles!)

This story of Princess turns, er, country girl would also encompass the entire day of cleaning out mouse-poop (and other things I won’t tell you about) with El Guapo and Papi (see post below this) and shop-vac-ing a storage room in the barn on my hands and knees (including the petrified mouse carcass). 

The next post will be really fun pictures of the girls here. I promise. We are having so much fun!

Also-this weed whacker thingy is a great tool for getting out some aggression (if you might have any) : ) Or praying for people. Or both.

’til next time,

La Gringa


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