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CATastrophe, part 2

If you’re wondering what happened to Part 1 of this story you can find it here.

This is a long post. So please don’t ignore your children or husband to read this…wait until they are all distracted, grab a cup of lukewarm coffee (because by the time the kids are distracted isn’t it always lukewarm?!) and enjoy the most recent sordid tale of our new farm life…

By this time we still didn’t have a cat. Scratches of attempted barn cat retrieval, but no actual cat to eat the mice that keep finding their way into my laundry room. Then, a call (several actually) between El Guapo and the local pound. Turns out they have a Barn Cat Division (ominous voice is preferred here, works well). Also turns out they will spay or neuter your cat for you and give you this darling cat free of charge. You have to pay if you want a nice cat that will snuggle you inside your house. Apparently, barn cats aren’t so popular so when they find someone willing to take a, ugh, not-so-well-mannered feline they’ll allow you to take it off their hands-after they make sure no more of these cats can be recreated.

The Plan: Be home for at least 7 days in a row to remind cat it should stay. Here. With us. The people who love cats. (*spoiler warning-I don’t think we convinced it).

Anyways, El Guapo and this nice lady at the pound go back and forth with dates on when to pick up said cat (we were trying to work it so we would be home for a full week before leaving-so the cat would know this was it’s home…that’s what they told us to do…I do not know this stuff. As was aforementioned I have NO idea about cats. none). 


…El Guapo brings home the cat. By this time-the cat people in our lives (mostly women, just sayin’) had heard of our previous CATastrophe story and gave us a cat carrier. And a feeder bowl thingy.  So this trip “home” was much more calm and only required six words to communicate what happened and not an entire blog post like the last time. sheesh.

The Reaction…

…Much excitement is had by all of the girls-lots of “oh, let me see the little kitty” and “oh she’s so cute”. I think this cat’s name was (*that’s foreshadowing again) Squeak. Squeak was a shy, (apparently they all are the first few days/weeks you bring them to a new place) mousy ; ) little cat. She lived in this room we have in the barn that has doors and no way to get out. She liked to hide behind the bikes. 

We were told that she needed a few days to warm up to us; to convince her that this is a great home, er, barn-farm for her. (See above mentioned “The Plan” section). So we did that. The girls would go out and see her, play with her and even adorn her with a very cute little collar a friend of ours gave us. 

Plan C, or D or G or something…not A, though, that’s for sure…

…Then, it happened. We let her out. For the first few hours she hung around the barn. We’d catch her playing in the catnip that naturally grows near the Quonset Hut. And then that’s it. We haven’t seen her since. that was like, a month ago I think? Oh geez. Seriously-where did we go wrong? Some cat friends have said we didn’t leave her in the barn room long enough. Others hoped she made her way “home”. In this scenario I insert a picture of the “Incredible Journey” movie. Where the cat and two dogs make their way home from somewhere like Alaska all the way to Florida or something…I think that’s what cat people would say happened. All I’m sayin’ is there are some very aggressive hawks and coyotes ’round these parts. Needless to say-we talked about the possibility of seeing Squeaks in heaven someday…minor tears were shed-by children. El Guapo and i just looked at each other and decided to check craigslist again for free cats. 

The Guilt…

…Also, the pound keeps calling to check in on how things are going with Squeaks. We haven’t called them back. Isn’t that horrible? The advocate in me says I need to let them know that it didn’t work out so they can tell other future Barn Cat owners how better to keep their cat around…but then I feel really bad that they did all of this work to help us and now the cat has disappeared. Awkward.

And since I didn’t grab a photo of Squeaks before she, er, moved on, here’s a couple others, just for fun…but first…

The Barn Cat Search of 2013 continues (there are now parts 3 and 4! With much better endings. I’ll need to change the title of the post from CATastrophe to something more like so now we have two cats and I’m still not in control of the situation.) I think that’s why I don’t care for cats. They are in control. I however provide water, food and warm places to sleep, and hope they stick around.

: /

I have so much more to tell you! And so little time to write it out! Hopefully this week will afford a couple of thirty-minute writing sessions and I can update you more on things around The Farm. Until then-here’s those pictures I mentioned 500 characters ago:

Explanations will come in future posts : )





One of my favorites:




La Gringa


One thought on “CATastrophe, part 2

  1. OMGosh Lori, this was hilarious… but then I expect all your posts to be laugh- out-loud funny, and you never disappoint. There aren’t many things I’m willing to spend more than a few minutes reading these days (at least not online), but your posts are worth whatever time it takes to read them… keep em comin. BTW, did Aaron get a riding mower?… let me guess… Craig’s List?


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