Farm Life

(not so) Old McDonald has a Farm…

We moved here so we could have space. Room. To. Roam. A place for El Guapo to put his woodworking tools, pinball machines, stuff. A call to simplify our lives. One bathroom for all five of us. Small bedrooms. Yell at my children (and ask for forgiveness) without my neighbors hearing everything (being real here). To have animals-like chickens. And I’m proud to announce that after two and a half months-we have success! 

We are having loads of fun together-although it’s A LOT of work. Fixer upper house (painting, planing the doors so they close properly, fixing the kitchen sink drain so the water goes down the drain to the septic tank and not all over my garbage bags and soap that live under the sink. Leaky roofs, chicken coops that haven’t seen a chicken for a long time. We’ve said to ourselves A LOT “What were they thinking”. “They” being the previous three owners. We blame much of it on 1960s thinking. So grateful that El Guapo’s handyman skills are so fantastic. This would not be possible without them. So-in an effort to give you a short blog post (hooray!) I will now insert pictures with short-ish captions so you can SEE for yourself what is going on around here : ) Thanks for joining me on this adventure-it’s fun knowing you are coming along with us! 

Frost on the windshields this morning! It’s coming (insert looming voice)…

Horse! We are boarding a horse. The owners come and take care of him-and teach the girls how to work with him. It is really great! His name is Blue. He’s white, with lots of freckles. Like me (except I’m a girl). He’s fun. It’s really fun to have a horse in the pasture!




El Guapo turned the big 4-0 a couple of weeks ago. We only had a 50 candle and a 4 candle so we improvised : )




A friend sold us two of her Rhode Island Reds and gifted us with three ducks. I named the ducks Lucy and Ethel. They have a duckling-not sure if it’s a boy or a girl so we’re waiting to name him/her. The chickens have names but I can’t remember them right now. They came with a rooster. Did you know you don’t have to have a rooster to have eggs? Just if you want fertilized eggs-to hatch someday. He’s fun. He crows-not so early-plus, we can’t hear him in the house so it’s cool. What is NOT cool-no eggs. Two weeks with two laying hens and two laying ducks and no eggs. Sigh.






Cat Sucess! Actually-this is our second cat. His name is Billy. He’s a kitten. Chloe is the other one-she’s about a year old. She kills voles. Not mice, though. Still working on that. And, I’m happy to say, they seem to be starting to like each other! Hooray!


My parents are so great. They move all the way out here to be closer to us (like 2 min. away) and then we move an hour away and they still come help us! Lots of painting ’round here!







And School! Saving projects for evenings and weekends is helping us make school a priority. The fancy chandelier helps make things, well, fancy. And besides-how can you have a math tantrum when sitting under such fanciness? 



Have a great day!

La Gringa






3 thoughts on “(not so) Old McDonald has a Farm…

  1. Aunt Cheri says:

    Wow…I’m just catching up with your blog, your INCREDIBLY WONDERFUL writing and your crazy new life!!! WOW…I don’t even know where to start, except you’re a courageous, brave and a little loco!!! 🙂 The pictures look like an amazing place to live life and raise a family and cultivate new adventures in your marriage!!! You’re my hero, of course, my NYC daughter is too…and you two are in exactly opposite lives!!! SO, love you my terrific niece, La Gringa – give love from Texas to El Guapo?? Your parents are pretty amazing too…they are just THERE for everyone! But now they are just going to go play for a few weeks! Can’t worry about them too much! love you – can’t wait for more posts….love you Aunt Cheri


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