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The Cat Food Mystery-Solved!

So the two cats we have live in the barn. By “live” I mean we give them their food and water there and a cozy spot to sleep-although we have no idea if they actually spend the night inside. The first three weeks we had Chloe (the one year old black cat) she meow-ed outside of our window from dusk to dawn. Now she goes somewhere else.

The Barn is what I would call almost predator proof. Okay, it’s not at all, but I feel like a bad cat owner if I think I’m luring them to their death-by-coyote so I like to think of it as almost predator proof.

T minus 1 week (today is T, in case you didn’t get that): Upon entering the barn we find the cat food tub has been knocked over…contents spilled out-very little food left. Darn cats. We let the cats know this is not acceptable. We buy more cat food.

T minus 3 days: Cat food knocked over AGAIN. Seriously, what in the world? Scold cats. Place brick on top of newly purchased cat food.

T minus 2 days: Brick found 3 feet from food tub. food tub knocked over and is upside down (however contents remain intact). No need to get more food-every need to figure out what in the world is big enough to knock the brick off and move the tubs around. This calls for…an investigation!

The girls and I strap on our muck boots (‘cuz there is lots of muck around here!) and go searching for signs of the intruder. That’s when we find fresh poop  (as in there is very old and lots of poop already) in the barn loft. Oh great. Something is coming back now that it’s getting colder. It likes cat food, can climb the barn ladder to get to the loft and hasn’t eaten any chickens or cats. And poops like a dog-shape/size speaking.

T minus 12 hours: El Guapo and I do a Google image search for “raccoon poop”. (funny, never done that before). Definitely raccoon.

Thankfully back in the Operation De-Mouse days of the farm El Guapo bought for $10 a “have a heart” animal trap because I had realized there was something living in the barn. We set it up for a week or so with no success. We decided whatever it was didn’t like us living here and so it was gone…or maybe (now that we are farm experts ; ) I think the animal had no need to come back-too warm. It’s started getting cooler at night the last week or so and this animal has now made his appearance again.

T minus nothing-as in-currently happening right now: S comes running from the barn this morning, “Mom! Mom!! There is a raccoon in the trap!” Yes! Success! Please don’t ask me what we are going to do with him. I can’t tell you. And by “we” I mean El Guapo. The girls and I are leaving for the night and it is perfect timing for us, if you know what I mean. El Guapo will be all alone on the farm. Well, along with the ducks, chickens, horse, bunny, cat and…the raccoon.

Thankfully he (the raccoon, not El Guapo) didn’t get to the chickens, or the cats. Could there be more??

raccoon 001


Just another day on the farm!

La Gringa


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