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My, er, I mean the kids’ favorite musician

Our mornings are tough. I’m just going to be honest. With S’s sensory issues and other “I just woke up, please don’t bother me” type attitudes that seem to be increasing as the girls approach the teen years there seems to be a lot of arguing, provoking, lack of compassion-and then there’s the kids and how they treat each other ; )

I’ve tried worship music, instrumental hymns, silence, funny faces, sarcasm, yelling, hot chocolate with marshmallows. Nothing really works amazingly well. We always pray for our day together-no matter what (okay-sometimes I forget to pray. Then it gets really interesting!). 

Today I tried playing my, er, I mean the girls’ favorite musician, Justin Roberts. I just love his lyrics and the tunes, too. My absolute 100% favorite is Henrietta’s Hair. I believe he is a Christian-although his music isn’t in that genre per se. However they are wholesome. Fantastic. Seriously-sometimes I listen to his music when the girls aren’t around. He just nails it on how kids think and feel-and how their parents handle that thinking and feeling. 

Having him on in the background this morning seemed to work. I’ll keep you posted on how it works.

Of course-I’d really love your ideas on what works for you and your family in the mornings. Structure, lack of structure, same things for b-fast everyday, music…share if you have a minute!

And a video, just for you:

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3 thoughts on “My, er, I mean the kids’ favorite musician

  1. Oh, friend… some days NOTHING works around here.
    The kids and I are really enjoying that book I showed you (Making Brothers and Sisters Best Friends). I read it right after our gospel reading, and they really identify with it without feeling like there’s any finger pointing. That said, no one has put anything into “practice” yet around here!
    What does work in your morning? What is their favorite time of day? Can you build backwards from there?


    • What works? A relaxed morning when nothing is expected of anyone. Favorite time of day-afternoon/free time. These are good thoughts-helping me to break thsi down. Also-talking and crying all over you on Friday was very helpful. I’m nervous for Monday morning, but prayerful all the same.


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