Farm Life

Farming 101

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A list of things I’ve learned so far, in regards to farm life:

1. A shop vac is equipped to handle the mud room much better than my Dyson.

2. My shop-vac wasn’t made for vacuuming rugs from a standing position.

3. Horses are really big and scary.

4. The more you get to know a horse, the less scary they are, but they are still really big.


5. Chickens don’t like to lay eggs when it’s cold and the daylight is shorter.

6. When chickens that you are feeding aren’t laying eggs they look more like a delicious piece of fried chicken on your kitchen table than a cute trend that “everyone is doing”.

7. Stink beetles, although having died two weeks prior to sucking them up through your vacuum, (see #1 for what I should have used) still stink horribly as does your vacuum. bleh.


8. If you don’t dig the burial pit deep enough for your bunny during the funeral services another animal will come and dig up the bunny and leave no trace of anything but tufts of fur. And it disturbs the children (albeit mildly. I was surprised!) I’d also like to add that it was very cold and lots of children were crying while I tried to dig this hole. so there.

9. Attempting to do anything halfway will ultimately end in failure (see # 8-and all the other points)

10. Forgetting to fully close the outside door during the day allows the really strong winds to blow it open and then a mouse gets caught in the trap the next day.

The little duckling is getting so big!

11. Farm houses are smaller because you don’t have time to clean a huge 3000 sq. ft. house when you have animals to feed, coops to re-bed, animal water-ers to defrost every morning and broken things to fix.

12. The circle of life happens more often here.

13. (see # 12) We’re missing a cat. I’m sorry cat-loving friends. I feel really bad. Not the kitten but the other one, Chloe. The girls cried. M wrote her a note and left it for her in the barn loft. She hasn’t been back to see it. It’s been a week. : (

14. Having friends over is just as fun as it used to be-only the view behind the parade is better here. Jazz hands!


15. Chickens, ducks and roosters poop. A LOT. This one also triggers the Fried Chicken vs. Trendy issue mentioned in # 6.

16. A husband with a really big workshop fixes everything really quickly and he’s really happy about it all the time.

All to say-this is a really fun adventure!!

La Gringa


6 thoughts on “Farming 101

  1. Mom says:

    La Gringa, your blog is so fun to read. So proud of you adding this adventure to your life and allowing your children to experience life in this way.
    God bless you!!


  2. Anonymous says:

    Wow! Hang in there! Bet you are exhausted by the end of the day! Sleeping well, I hope? Brings back a lot of fond memories at 2000 W. Florida!


  3. I don’t always get a chance to read through the posts, but this one caught my eye! GLORY! What fun you guys are having. Think of all the new sights and smells and feelings you would have missed not going out there. Grace to you!


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