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I’m pausing here in my “Speed of Life” series. It isn’t an abrupt halt, as this goes smoothingly (I think I just made that word up) well with what I’ve been sharing with you. If you haven’t had a chance to read my last two posts on (attempting) to slow my life down a bit and focus on this season of Advent you can find Part One here and Part Two here. Also, the comments are quite interesting, too; feel free to join in on the conversation!

I recently was asked to read and review:

Let Us Keep The Feast: Living the church year at home by Jessica Snell, Rachel Telander and Michelle Allen Bychek

As you know from my previous posts, this idea of the Church Year  is a new one for me so I was intimidating-ly interested (also a made up phrase : ) as I approached this book. I was relieved, however, to discover that the authors were easy on me. The introduction by Jessica Snell provided a concise, easily understood description of the purpose of the church year:

“The church year isn’t commanded by Scripture, but is suffused with Scripture. The church year is traditional, but those traditions exist because they have been found, over and over again through the centuries, to aid believers in their walks with Christ”

She compares the changing of the seasons with the different seasons of the church year. What a beautiful picture!

The book breaks down each season into ten sub-sections. From explaining the history, laying out the exact dates, new and old traditions, creative food ideas-even a section for helping little ones celebrate the season and for those crafty families simple projects to celebrate the season.

This book would be a great introduction to those of you (us!) curious about Advent and the church seasons throughout the year. I know when I Google “Advent” I get a tremendous amount of information from many different traditions. Let Us Keep The Feast helps narrow the information overload and offers a concise yet thorough guide to celebrating the church year.


Here’s how to enter to win a copy:

Simply leave a comment below as to why you think this book would be a great addition to your holiday celebrations. It doesn’t have to be super spiritual-just honest! Be sure to leave a name so I know who to contact!

I will announce the winner this Friday.

Links for further review & purchase:

Let Us Keep The Feast (all books in the series)

Find the book at: Amazon, Barnes & NobleHearts & Minds Books & for a 15% discount on any version (ebook or print) visit: Doulos Resources eStore — Let Us Keep The Feast and enter the code: “LUKTFBlogTour”

Thanks for reading! I look forward to hearing from you!

La Gringa

Disclaimer: This book was an Advance Review Copies (ARCs) sent by the publisher — common practice in the industry. No payment was accepted in exchange for a review or mention, and the reviewer was in no way obligated to review the book favorably.


3 thoughts on “Review and A Giveaway!

  1. Lindsay says:

    Yay for a giveaway, Lori!! I am very interested in reading this book and learning more about church traditions around the holidays and introducing them to our girls!


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