Let's Go PoGo

Guess who got Pogo Sticks for Christmas? No, not the grown-ups, silly! The 42″ of snow outside our front door is making it a bit tricky to keep it up-but just wait until spring!

Okay, it’s not 42″…but it is about 13″! And more to come this next week.

Thank you thank you thank you for all of your wonderful thoughts on “The Speed of Life” posts. I promised a Part 3. I don’t think that’s happening. I suppose that’s apropos, huh?

Also-I can’t leave you without acknowledging my blog-quietness. Life has gotten the best of us. I’ll explain later-just know that the farm keeps farming as we all go about our lives! Having a horse is really nice, too. He’s fun to talk to on stressful days : )

GO BRONCOS!! Although by the time you’re reading this we’ve probably already won!

La Gringa


Let’s Go PoGo


One thought on “Let’s Go PoGo

  1. Steve & Penny Leptich says:


    I really enjoyed reading your last two post and the replies you got.  Dallas Willard has written a lot about the subject, here is a quote that sums it up for me

    Willard says, “You cannot avoid having a vessel. … The problem comes when we mistake the vessel for the treasure, for the treasure is the life and power of Jesus Christ.”

    Your mom wrote where do we draw the line and I believe this quote gives you the line.  Our pastor has many “Vessel” conversations  music style, dress style, etc.   He asks how the vessel helps you connect with Jesus better many times there is no answer to that question. This is how he can tell whether or not a person has mistaken the vessel as the treasure.

    Keep coming with the more controversial posts, they’re fun.




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