Dear friends and family,

Let’s close this chapter of my life and move on, shall we? We all have others in our lives that need our prayers, concern, meals, love, wisdom, listening ear. I am beyond thankful that over the last three months of this OGPO journey you have walked with me, with us. God is faithful.

He was faithful to lead me to remove the polyp (and 8″ of colon) through surgery instead of the procedure to use a scope (which I’ve now discovered that had I chosen the scope it would have ended in surgery because of the size and make-up of the polyp).

He was faithful to surround me with all of you: Prayer warriors, thoughtful note senders, flower bringers, prayer shawl gift-ers, oil anointer-ers, meal preparers and deliverers, “remember to take it easy-it takes time to heal” reminder-ers, hospital nail-painters and pj pant gift-ers…the list goes on and on. Thank you for answering God’s call and supporting us-for being his hands and feet.

I continue to recover well. Dog tired by the end of the day but pretty much back to normal. I can start working out again in a couple of weeks-just in time for warmer weather!

Before I go I’d like to clear up what my last update said about “carcinoma in site 2”. The doctor actually said “carcinoma in situ” which means the polyp did indeed have cancer cells in it. The cancer cells had not mutated into the colon and because the surgery removed my entire ascending colon I don’t have to treat the cancer-it’s gone!! How amazing is that??!! I still cry thinking about God’s mercy through this entire journey.


O Praise the one who paid my debt
And raised this life up from the dead!

Thank you for praising Jesus with us.

Lori and family


One thought on “Closure

  1. Aunt Cheri says:

    So good to get another entry from you again! It’s wonderful how you have been lifted up and taken care of, both you and the whole family. You must be loved! We are so encouraged with your report and know you will rally with a fervor in “a couple of weeks”, just don’t push the river!!! You are so precious to all of us – super mom, loving wife and daughter and a GREAT NIECE!!! Keep IT all going…God is so faithful and gracious. Really happy you listened to Him and your instincts and went with the complete surgery. We love you….
    Your Favorite Texas Aunt 🙂


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