Re-fooding Ourselves

Two years ago I could be quoted as saying, “The next new diet thing is going to be Paleo…just wait”.

Have you heard of it yet? More than likely your CrossFit friends are doing it. : )

It’s based on an evolutionists world view but regardless of that the basics are this: Eat fresh fruits, veggies, meats, eggs, fats. (in case you missed it that’s NO: Dairy, legumes (beans, peas, peanuts), soy, grains (wheat or otherwise), sugar (natural or artificial), MSG, carrageenan or sulfites. 

My brother and his wife started something called The Whole30 last October (and are still doing it). My parents bought the book It Starts With Food, I got colon cancer, my parents bought me the book, they started their Whole30 (and are still doing it), I read the book while recovering from removing said colon cancer, realized I need to “re-set” my system and today is our Day 1 of our Whole30 adventure! I cried. I won’t lie.

It’s basically 30 days of the above eating and then whatever you really want to try eating again (something you missed for 30 days) you incorporate just that one thing for a few days, see how you look, feel, act and if you’re good-keep eating it. Otherwise, stop.

The bottom line: There are no neutral foods. the foods you eat are making you healthier or less healthy. That’s it. 

I put my KitchenAid in a safe place. The flour and sugar canisters that normally sit out on the counter are hidden away. I cleaned out our pantry of everything and anything “Non-Whole30 Approved”. Did I mention we are doing this as a family…as in children, too?

Here’s some recently heard exclamations from those 13 and under in our house:

“The day after Palm Sunday my life is going to end.”

“This is torture, I am not doing this!”

“But what about Easter and chocolate?!” (repeated at least six times over the past few weeks leading up today-and possible a gajilion until actual Easter)

Here’s the deal: I am 37. I had cancer growing in my colon. They say it is normally genetic. NONE of my family has a history of polyps let alone cancerous ones. Everything I eat gets digested and goes through my colon. I think cleaning things up a bit and finding out how my body reacts to certain foods can’t hurt. Same with the girls,right? Mood swings? check. Random episodes of exhaustion? check. Irrational behavior? check.check.check.check.check. Autism? check. ADHD? check.check? Extreme tiredness? check. Inflammation (i.e. gobbling down ibuprofen like it’s going out of style?) check. check. Sleep issues? check. Not to mention poop issues (I won’t go there but I think you know what I mean).

Okay, you get the idea.

So over the next 30 days I will be sharing with you our ups and downs of this Family Whole30 Adventrue we’re on! I wont’ post pictures of our beautiful plates of Whole30 foods. You can Google Image search that if you want to-there’s lots of them out there. Plus I don’t have my iphone and do you remember how long it takes to take a picture, plug your camera into your computer, download, upload…right.

This morning at breakfast (the only Whole30 meal we’ve actually eaten so far) we had one child exclaim she was not doing this, started crying and screaming how unfair this was and asking what her friends would think when she told them she could not have cheesecake. This same child just 30 minutes prior to this meltdown announced she would be writing a book for kids about eating healthier. 

She got up from the breakfast table, stubbornly leaving her full plate behind to go write her book. Riiight.

Here we go!

Of course, if you have tried something like this I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts, experiences, etc. You know I love hearing from you : )


La Gringa


6 thoughts on “Re-fooding Ourselves

  1. Anonymous says:

    My husband and I will be starting our first Whole 30 on the 21st. He also had colon cancer 2 years ago. We (mostly him) have already gone paleo but are going to clean up even more (mostly me). He is very motivated by his experience with cancer to eat better. I want to be but really struggle with emotional food issues and cravings. I look forward to following your families experiences with Whole 30. Good luck and happy eating!


    • Hello and welcome to LaStradaTostada! Thanks for sharing your story with us here. Keep me posted on how you are doing with your own Whole30. I could be a spokesperson for emotional eating…so I totally understand the struggle! I have found that I am constantly “pairing” foods i.e. toast with coffee, soda with pizza, sweet/salty popcorn.Thanks for joining us!


  2. Laura Ickes says:

    I have been doing a plan where I am only eating meat proteins and vegetables. I supplement with healthwise smoothies and on bar per day to make sure I have the right amount of protein. So no sugar, no fruit, no dairy, no boxed stuff, no bean, rice, bread, flour, no caffeine. I feel so much better. The fog is gone. My energy is up. I am not groggy and lethargic. I don’t have the cravings. I look at the stuff and I feel so much better and think “no, thank you”. I am also able to lose weight in a way that I have never been able to before. My family is doing it with me in that it is mainly vegetables and meat proteins for them but they get fruit and other stuff but limited. Good luck! It will be totally worth it!


    • Laura-thank you so much for always leaving thoughtful comments here! I think my MIL was telling me about something similar to what you are doing…so proud of you! Thanks for the encouragement-it helps : )


    • Oh my word, the donuts!! Carrageenan is an extract from seaweed and is used to thicken everything from yorgurt to deli meat to chocolate. In the whole “healthy gut” dialogue it can cause gut inflammation…which is a whole ‘nother subject I’m still learning about.


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