Re-fooding Days 1-3


Whole30 is kind of like this-it looks pretty good on the outside-but once you start peeling back the layers...bleh.

Whole30 is kind of like this-it looks pretty good on the outside-but once you start peeling back the layers…bleh.


And by “Whoa” I mean “Hang on for your lives! This stuff just got real!”

We are in full detox mode here at LaStradaTostada. Here are some recently heard snippets from around the house:

  • “I would cut off my left hand for a piece of bread” (child)
  • “I would cut off my right hand for a piece of bread” (parent-um, that would be me).
  • “Why can’t it be called Whole2?!” (child, while looking at empty plate since she won’t eat the veggies and meat she’s being served)
  • “This Whole30 thing is making me crankier” (all of us…but we realize we are in detox mode so it doesn’t really count). Think of it as a “Just give me the cookie and nobody gets hurt” kind of mentality…except we don’t get the cookie in the end, which continues the grumpy cycle.
  • “We can do this! One. Day. At. A. Time.” (parent)
  • “Okay…I can taste the natural sweetness in the strawberries. Can I be done now?” (child(s)
  • “This Whole30 thing is a bad idea-I already feel worse” (child-before eating anything on Day 1)

Ha! So I think it’s safe to say we’re up against some major cravings, addictions and habits. I will be honest with you-I have fasted several times in the past for spiritual reasons and haven’t really ever had this intense of a reaction-but I think it’s the mindset. Knowing that there is a very real possibility that some of the foods I so desperately would give an appendage to eat right now might not be on my “Clean Foods List” after the 30 days. I know this is good for me, for us…which is why we keep going. I am also trusting the testimonials from other Whole30-ers and from Laura who so wonderfully commented on my last post of her own journey.

This is us, happy and gluten filled, high on sugar and dairy products...not too bad, right?!

This is us, happy and gluten filled, high on sugar and dairy products…not too bad, right?!

I am counting on this first week being the hardest. I’m already sick of meat. We’ll grill tomorrow-I think that will help.

Breakfast, I’m finding, is the hardest  meal to get in veggies. Whole30 recommends calling the three daily meals “Meals 1, 2 and 3” so you’re not stuck eating eggs every single morning…but I’ve yet to convince the girls that “Soup, it’s what’s for breakfast” is the best tagline. Besides, “Meal 1 is ready!” just doesn’t roll of the tongue. Maybe we’ll have a meal re-naming contest. That would be fun!

We’re also eating more fruit right now than we should be, I think. But honestly-if the girls are downing a bowl of strawberries instead of goldfish crackers I feel as though we’re making progress.

Onward and Upward!


p.s. on a funny note-I’ve had two friends in the past two days text me about making cookies and thinking of me-one even included a picture! (obviously I need to send them the link to my blog again : ) This is why I cried, people! I live and breathe baking!! Oy Vey




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