Re-Fooding Days 4-10!!

The Whole30 Extended Family (Okay, it's more like Whole240, Whole120 and Whole10-but who's counting?!)

The Whole30 Extended Family (Okay, it’s more like Whole240, Whole120 and Whole10-but who’s counting?!)

The exclamation points above are added (and much deserved) because I didn’t think we’d make it past Day 3. That was the lowest point for all of us. It was the point at which we all sat in the living room after dinner, slouching in our respective cushions and crankily cried out for something sweet! something with chocolate! some ice cream! It was the night that El Guapo and I both unknowingly sent texts to my brother and his wife. Terrible things like “we blame you” and “seriously-you eat warm kale for lunch?!”.

For me Day 4 wasn’t a, well, piece of kale, but it was starting to get easier. For everyone else it was B-A-D. Tears, grumpiness, cries of the unfairness of life were heard every thirty minutes or so. I could be caught guzzling almonds and raisins at 3pm (not the best idea but better than cookie dough, right?!!?). We went through a ridiculous amount of bananas and strawberries.

Then Day 5 came. Ahhhh. That’s me talking. I could tell I was over the hump of crazy cravings, sugar detox headaches and bitter thoughts towards unsuspecting Whole30 relatives.


We were heading into a weekend of parties & egg hunts.

First up: Base Camp (that’s what folks here call church small groups). We always eat dinner together and thankfully that night our hostess planned to make a tomato (but called pizza) soup (Whole30 compliant, hooray!). We were all in charge of bringing add-ins like pizza-type toppings, dessert, breadsticks. The girls quickly cried foul. Seriously? We have to sit next to someone who is eating a breadstick?!

In the end one daughter confessed to eating a crumb of bread that she found. They went to bed crying themselves to sleep, creating bitter thoughts about me that might come back to them 30 years from now in therapy.

This was my lowest point.  After barely surviving a week of Whole30 myself in addition to defending this super awesome plan-that I personally thought was a terrible idea (how much meat and vegetables can one person stand!!!??) to three, well, make that four humans who were trusting me with their appetites I almost caved. Maybe El Guapo and I should have just done this ourselves and let the girls work it out on their own. Besides, I feel great-it’s just the torture I’m putting my children through that’s killing me!

But thanks to El Guapo’s encouragement to tough it out and to the Whole30 forum I decided to implement the “Take it or leave it” philosophy for meals. That was my normal pre-Whole30 mealtime philosophy but I was quickly giving way to the “I’m starving and I don’t want what’s for dinner” cries and allowing the girls to fry their own eggs for dinner when we were having a chicken stir-fry.

Okay-fast forwarding past the egg hunt (with eggs filled with candy), past the Easter brunch at our house with rolls, corn and cupcakes they couldn’t eat…up to Day 8.

Take it. Leave it. You choose.

Day 8: The first light with the girls in the midst of this re-fooding journey! One of them confessed to not being tempted while sitting next to a roll eating friend at Easter! Hooray!!

Day 9: One of my sweet ones brings me breakfast in bed with a note that says: “Thanks, mom, for helping me to eat healthy”. sidenote: she had fried me two eggs served with a side of strawberries and iced vanilla herbal tea.

Wow. We’re doing it! It’s actually catching on!! I have a lot to learn as far as meal planning goes-lots of creativity out there in the world of Whole30/Paleo eating but with willing participants we can conquer anything, right?!

That's me. It's an old photo but it is a good picture of how I'm feeling right now on Day 10.

That’s me. It’s an old photo but it is a good picture of how I’m feeling right now on Day 10.

Now, before we get too ahead of ourselves-the girls did freeze rolls and cupcakes from Easter. it will be very interesting to see if their desire for those foods stick around until after this whole thing (and did I mention we’ll be in Oregon for a family vacation for Days 26-30?) I’m currently unhappy about this (it wasn’t a surprise but I’ve had so much going on that I hadn’t really stopped to think about it).

However we will be there during some pretty good fruit and vegetable seasons so hoping to make it a “clean food” adventure to find out what kinds of things are fresh and growing on the northwest coast in May!

Also, Lara Bars. They are legal on Whole30. They’re just dates, nuts and fruit! A HUGE  repent-full thank you to my sister-in-law Sara who, even though I blamed her for this back on Day 3, still (talks to me) and gives me tips on how to work this program. We treat Lara Bars like dessert-so if we are somewhere and everyone else is eating pie, cake, ice cream-whatever…they can have  a Lara Bar. The girls love them. Moderation is key here, I think they’d eat them all day everyday. So we’re treating them like special treats. I’d also like to put a shout out to my brother who talked me through Day 3 while I begrudgingly made dinner-encouraging me with wisdom only a sibling could bring to the table. And my mom who answers her phone anytime and is ready to help me with a “how do I roast cauliflower?!” question and buys me bags (bushels?!) of brussel sprouts from Costco.

Okay-I’m done now. Next time I’ll try to update sooner so we aren’t doing an entire week in one post!

Onward and upward,

La Gringa


2 thoughts on “Re-Fooding Days 4-10!!

  1. Lori – We’ve been eating a similar (not quite paleo, but similar) diet for the past year or so. If I can do it, you can, too. We’ve loosened up quite a bit and now that I’m reaching my year milestone will probably tighten up the reigns again. The biggest problem with the kids is that they were STARVING all the time and we were going to the grocery store 3 times a week (I mean, an apple a day X 5 people is 35 apples per week minimum and that’s just apples). Good luck!


  2. Aunt Cheri says:

    Dear dear Lori…you do go after things with gusto!!! God bless Jon, Sara and I can’t believe your dad and mom! Impressed with the kids doing so well….I just came from NYC and those folks have done Paleoish eating…the kids really don’t eat sandwiches anymore…pieces of ham, avocado, fruit…of course, they go back and forth but so proud of ALL of you. We are considering the Whole 30…for the 30…need to stay realistic, but I’ve heard when you feel better, it’s a huge motivation. Proud, proud, proud of all of you.


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