Re-fooding days 11-20

This was from my cousin's wedding last summer and includes my nieces and nephew along with the girls. it was fun and has nothing to do with this post.

This was from my cousin’s wedding last summer and includes my nieces and nephew along with the girls. It was fun and has nothing to do with this post.

(so much for trying to update every couple of days!)

Wow! Only 10 more days left! We are having a much easier time with figuring out what to cook, how to shop and what to do when we are with others who are eating, well, normally.

Now, to be honest, a couple of the girls have confessed to sneaking a piece of candy…at first I got frustrated (within me-not that they could see). This made me sad. not so much for their dishonesty but for myself and this decision to bring them along this journey with me. It’s hard enough as an adult to abstain from something you really want let a lone a kiddo. They both came to me separately and confessed without being questioned. I’m not going to have them start the 30 days over but we did talk about the importance of following through with a commitment and I thanked them for being honest with me. Then I gave them a hug.

Some of you have asked what we are eating each day. Here’s a sample of what we ate yesterday:

Breakfast: Fried or scrambled eggs, diced tomatoes, strawberries and for me-diced sweet potatoes with salsa on top. Instead of coffee I’m hooked on PG tips black tea-straight up-like a big girl! I just couldn’t drink my coffee black so thankfully my tea drinking friend introduced me to PG tips. It’s really good black tea. And it’s made in England, so I feel way cooler when I drink it ; )

Snack: Carrots dipped in almond butter (two of the three kids needed a snack)

Lunch: This is the toughest meal for us right now. But here’s what we ate yesterday…

Child#1: leftover spaghetti sauce over shredded zucchini and italian sausage, sliced tomato & strawberries

Child #2: leftover pork carnita meat, snap peas, carrots & strawberries

Child #3: leftover pork carnita meat, carrots, more carnita meat & strawberries

Me: leftover spaghetti sauce over shredded zucchini and Italian sausage, a hard boiled egg, carrots & snap peas

El Guapo: he had to eat out at a business lunch and ordered salmon, sweet potato fries* & a side salad

*we discovered later that the sweet potato fries may not have been Whole30 approved. Sadness but we’re moving on.

Dinner: Baked chicken marinated in olive oil, some kind of vinegar (my friend made it for us so I’m not sure what kind), oregano and basil. I dropped some frozen green beans in the middle of the pan before baking the chicken and they were delicious with all of that extra marinade slathered on them. I also provided a tray of: sliced tomatoes, celery sticks, carrot sticks & snap peas.

Everyone was starving two hours later and since we were at Bible study until 9pm I offered Apple Pie Lara Bars to 4 of the 5 people in my family (I don’t really like them right now…weird) to stretch them between dinner and bedtime.

No tears. No complaining. But we don’t quite feel “The Magic”  the Whole30 people keep referring to…Also, (brace yourself-I’m going to talk bout poop) 4 out of 5 of us have diarrhea like all the time. One of us, who should have it since she just had 1/3rd of her colon removed in February, doesn’t. In fact she’s having the opposite problem. People around us who have given this Whole30 a whack are telling us that at about three weeks their systems seem to even out. Oh! and gas! Good grief. So much going around (or coming out!) around here we could surely power some sort of electric something or other for a while. That has to be the eggs, right?! I know-our family has a history of flatulent tendencies so when I say we have a lot of gas I mean a lot. of. gas. Just to be clear : )

So-onward! 10 more days-we’ll be in Oregon for that last few. Trying to figure out how to come off…they say to try out dairy first-but ice cream has sugar and dairy so that could be hard to start out with. Maybe plain yogurt? That’s exciting (not at all).

Anyways-back to the program!

And there are so many fun things going on around the farm that I haven’t updated you on!! Baby bunnies, runner ducks that are laying (that was a random surprise from a co-worker of El Guapo’s this week…I think we’re destined to have ducks!), hens that actually lay eggs (we’re up to an average of 4/day and that’s with six laying hens) and no new barn cats! Socks is for sure our longest lasting feline-good job Socks!



La Gringa


One thought on “Re-fooding days 11-20

  1. Shawn OReilly says:

    Hi Lori, Thanks for the update. Quite the food journey you and family are on. Because I try to follow Paleo about 80% of the time, I know how challenging it can be – and that’s just me and trying to get one other adult to follow along! A friend shared the following family-friendly-cookbook with me, maybe you have heard of it: Everyday Paleo by Sarah Fragoso. Very good. I also read Grain Brain recently. Also very good. When eating Paleo I definitely feel a difference in my joints and clarity of thinking. No longer “feeding” the inflammation; body and brain! Big hugs and congratulations to everyone!!! Quite a feat! You might check out Everyday Paleo before introducing foods back into diet. Love, Kit


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