Refooding Day 30 and beyond-part 2

You can find Part 1 here.

Part 2 as promised…

Seal Rock Sunset #2

Seal Rock Sunset #2


The Analyzation of the Data: Coming off of our 30 days on vacation was hard. Hard as in our “day 30” was Monday and we had ice cream on Saturday (day 27). Also “the book” says to try yogurt, ice cream and a glass of milk to reintroduce dairy (which is why we could justify the ice cream) and although we did this the added sugar makes me wonder how to tell the difference between sugar and dairy in my body. Also, the emotional side of vacationing and eating out and having things (to eat) that you wouldn’t normally have was challenging. But we did the best we could. I feel like overall we did a good job of abstaining from PSFs for 27 days as planned.

Conclusion: I felt fat and big and bad about myself for having ice cream (but could that just be an unhealthy association with food that I’ve struggled with my entire life or my body actually rejecting a PSF?) No one else has been complaining of anything-with the exception of one child having a slight dairy issue-which she will have to decide if it’s worth the “fill in the blank with a dairy item”. The girls know how to eat better and eat eggs for breakfast without much resistance. They are satisfied with hard boiled eggs, Lara bars, pepperoni, nuts, carrot sticks and snap peas for snacking. And I am cooking pretty much Whole30 type meals for dinner still.

Long Term Plan: Eat more vegetables, proteins and fruit and nuts. When eating grains I will try and provide home baked bread without all of the dairy, eggs, sugar and butter. My Artisan Loaf does a great job of that. When we have a treat like ice cream or a cookie or it’s somebody’s birthday or we go to someone’s house-everyone is on their own if they decide to eat what is offered. That’s where the “Mom is not the Food Police” mantra comes in. Tonight I heard one of the girls say, while preparing her dinner from the leftover clearance sale before her on the kitchen counter, “let’s see I have my vegetable (she points to the homemade tomato soup), and my protein (shredded carnita meat), what else do I need mom?”  um, in my book that’s success! I also want to make my own yogurt (because it’s good to  have live, active cultures in your body and I don’t want to make fermented foods. Just yogurt). AND I am using heavy cream in my coffee-so far my body is okay with that. Notice that I don’t need sugar? Success again! Also-I love how a diced sweet potato tastes like a sugar cube-with a  lot more complex flavor. I guess what I’m trying to say here is without all of the added sweeteners and other PSFs I am actually tasting and really enjoying  my real food that I make. Success!

Seal Rock 2014_1 095

Also, I made cookies the other day. I ate *some* dough. I’d like to say I didn’t like it, it was horribly sweet and made me throw up. Nope. The Whole30 people refer to my desire for sugar as the Sugar Dragon. Now how do you think that makes sugar feel? Sheesh. So extreme! ; ) I haven’t had anymore cookie dough (I did make it 40 days before I made some-so that’s good, right?) and I don’t expect to have anymore anytime soon. But, I will whisper this as to not offend Senor Sugar: I really do think my desire for sugar-laced confections mimics the manner of those fire-breathing beasts I have read about in books and seen in movies. Just sayin’.

Can you believe I’ve written enough for a P

art 3?! Brother. How can one woman have so many words?!

Tomorrow we’ll finish up more thoughts on this. As always comment away-and don’t forget to check the box that says “alert me of new comments to my comment” or something like that…I try to reply to your comments but if you don’t check that box you may never see my reply to you.

Onward we go!

La Gringa


12 thoughts on “Refooding Day 30 and beyond-part 2

  1. Beth Jones says:

    It took me over 6 months to figure out whether or not I had a dairy issue. Blemishes (unfortunately, even if I cheat and have some healthy homemade cauliflower mac and cheese) I make a coconut milk/raspberry puree ice cream – no dairy or sugar, and it’s delicious. I brought it to the homeschool ice cream social and the mothers who didn’t want dairy or sugar for themselves or the kids were very appreciative.


  2. Aunt Cheri says:

    Dear sweet, funny, wonderful niece…I’m going to refer back to your comments as time goes on. I’ve not taken the time to fill you in on your uncle and myself. We started the Whole 30 plan about May 5th (after seeing John and Sara and your mom and dad)…but cheated BIG TIME on May 17th, Stephanie’s Baby Shower (notice all caps as this was a HUGE event). Lots of homemade goodies and when I cheated, Uncle Dennis cheated. SO, I guess we have to consider that we’re on our 2nd Whole 30 starting the 18th, which means we’re at a 2nd 11th day as of today. Uncle Dennis is discouraged because he was hoping to DROP A TON of weight, and he hasn’t and/or FEEL different – and he hasn’t. Not sure all of this is because of the “cheat” or what. But, when I consider the doctor saying to me…”no processed sugars and eat good fats.” I’m thinking this Whole30 way of eating is pretty close to where we all need to be. Yes, there are going to be special days…but I’m enjoying nuts and fruit and new ways of cooking veggies, etc. I need to try that coconut milk/raspberry puree ice cream your friend talks about…where is that recipe??? SO, you are my hero in having your whole family do whole 30…Sara Ann was very conscientious about what she was eating at our house when they came by. SO, all that to say – kudos to you and Aaron…press on….as will we all…
    love you –


    • Beth Jones says:

      No specific recipe for the ice cream, but it’s something like 1 can of full fat organic coconut milk and about 1 cupish of the raspberry puree. It’s been a lot of experimenting 🙂 Good luck


      • Aunt Cheri says:

        Thank you so much! Wow, ask and ye shall receive! Did you put this in an ice cream freezer or just in the freezer and let it freeze on its own?


      • Beth Jones says:

        Ice Cream Freezer – although it does take a while to thaw out afterwards, but once it does it’s yummy. We’ve tried many other ice creams (because it’s my favorite food), but that one tasted the best. I bet if you don’t have one, you could just pour it into popsicle molds though 🙂


      • Aunt Cheri says:

        Ok, good to know. We are homemade ice cream people and it would be nice to be able to use the ice cream maker….we’ll have to see about proportions. It’s a big freezer. Thanks for the ideas though.


      • Anonymous says:

        Wow…didn’t know that! Well, trying to be healthy and keep weight at bay. Uncle D is very discouraged with this Whole30 as he’s bigger than he’s ever been and then he left Thursday for NYC and was more than happy to eat pancakes with the kids and popsicles for the birthday celebration for Wesley (turned 4). Not sure what to do, but temperance is a definite…extremes are not good, unless you are allergic, pain is the consequence or other reasons. I’m tired of counting points on WW….it’s more than weight now anyway. Thanks for sharing your experiences and we’ll keep praying our way through this. love you so


      • Hey Beth,
        Just making sure you saw the comment I posted to my Aunt about ice cream. My friend Kelly Brozyna has written several cookbooks that might be of interest to you guys-specifically this one: http://www.amazon.com/Dairy-Free-Ice-Cream-Recipes-Without/dp/162860039X/ref=la_B003U55CU0_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1401644658&sr=1-1

        She’s a local home schooling mommma-although last I heard she was touring the country on a book tour. It’s been a while since I checked in with her.
        Thanks for sharing your recipes, encouragement and ideas!
        : )


    • Thank you, Aunt Cheri, for your thoughtful comments here. You know-my weight didn’t move (well, I think it didn’t-since I didn’t weight myself the whole 30 days I’m just judging by how I felt in my pants) at all until like the 3rd or 4th week. And it seems to be pretty dependent on keeping out grains, sugar and dairy now that we are off the Whole30 and just trying to eat well. Sarah Ann enjoyed her visit with you guys! Keep me posted on how your Whole30 is going! You know-when you moved and gave us all of those random things from your fridge one of them was Coconut Aminos and I was like, “ewe!” and now I realize how expensive and valuable that stuff is when eating this way! Ha! Love you guys!!


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