On Being Str____________etched

Do you ever feel like the Lord stretches you so thinly you just might snap? I’ve been there before (usually it’s not the Lord to blame but my own tendency towards over-commitment that gets me to that place). I’m not really there right now…but I am definitely out of my comfort zone in some areas-which makes me want to eek back into my hidey hole and listen to worship music.

For example:

Comfort Zone: Purchasing mystery chicken from the supermarket (the mystery lies in what on earth it was fed and how it was treated). That’s funny that that’s a comfort zone, isn’t it? But it’s true, for this Cali. girl who has spent most of her life very far from her food sources it’s just the truth.

Uncomfortable zone: Preparing rabbit (from our own litter thank you very much) for dinner (that was his name, btw-Dinner. It made it a little easier that way). Abs was in charge of preparing it for the freezer:

So proud of my farm girl!

So proud of my farm girl!

Comfort Zone: Loving my neighbors as I would love myself.

Uncomfortable Zone: Having to talk to our neighbors about their dog killing two of our chickens-we just started getting seven eggs a day (7!!). We’re down to 4 hens-one who is just starting to lay after sustaining a very serious injury from aforementioned dog attack.  Still loving our neighbors but balancing that with protecting our farm.

Comfort Zone:  Everyone getting along.

Uncomfortable Zone: Having two daughters that are prepubescent, one with special needs…this one is sending me to my knees and seeking the Lord for patience, self-control (for all of us!) and grace quicker than I can say, “there’s no crying about shoes!!” or “please get a grip on your emotions or you’ll be spending the rest of your life in your room!” This season of life isl hard and sends me to my hidey hole.

We all look happy and completely in control of our emotions, don't we?

We all look happy and completely in control of our emotions, don’t we?

Comfort Zone: Time to plan for the upcoming school year & clean and organize my home, blogging regularly all while worship music plays in the background I am sipping tea (or coffee).

Uncomfortable Zone: Being quite busy with CC starting up in the fall (for context click here), taking advantage of available public school friends now that school is out for play/pool dates, house remodeling (new windows and siding-stucco-coming in this week!), children that keep playing with Legos and making creations that “have to stay out, mom, I am still working on them!”, visiting with out of town friends and relatives. I love all of these things and because I love them so much I often let my home management slip through my fingers. Having a smaller house is helping with that-it only takes me about an hour to clean (de-pile, sweep/vacuum, wipe down) the upstairs areas so that’s really nice. But still…it’s not my favorite thing to do so it often doesn’t get done.

Comfort Zone: Facebook, my iphone with all its convenient apps.

Uncomfortable Zone: Knowing that most, if not all, of my friends are connecting multiple times/day on their everyday lives and that I just can’t keep up with everything by just seeing or talking to them on the phone. It’s now been over a year since unplugging from my iphone and facebook. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss the convenience and connectedness I would get from each, respectively. However, I also found that I would get my joy (and sorrow), and everyday fulfillment from these things (instead of the Lord). It was just way too easy to get my priorities off track. I do enjoy not having these things and living a “hard copy” life. I realize that facebook is pretty superficial and that my face-to-face connections are way deeper than anything on fb ever can be, but it’s still a weird feeling knowing that when I get together with girlfriends they all have this “other conversation” going on behind the scenes. Know what I mean?

Comfort. Zone.

Comfort. Zone.

The Lord always seems to bring me back to what’s really important-regardless of my emotions, (over)commitments, number of zones in which I am uncomfortable. I’ll leave you with this quote from Sally Clarkson as she reflects back on her days of mothering, found in her book Desperate:

“Thousands of days of reading His Word, praying, and connecting my heart in faith to Him became the source of my spiritual growth. I began to see that the reason He gave me my children and the responsibility of their care is that it was a perfect way of conforming me to the image of Christ. As I needed Christ and His way, I would copy Him and depend on Him, and my Christian life would become more authentic”

Amen, sister; let’s do this!

La Gringa

One more photo from our recent camping trip:

Lost Lake-near Crested Butte/Kebler Pass. Breathtaking to wake up to this everyday!!

Lost Lake-near Crested Butte/Kebler Pass. Breathtaking to wake up to this everyday!!


4 thoughts on “On Being Str____________etched

  1. Grandma Jamie says:

    Wow, I have to say Lori… this is one of my favorites… one I will be reading and re-reading to make sure I got it all. Love you DIL and I’m so glad you love to share your life’s adventures and most importantly, your ♥


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