Keeping Calm. And sane. And everyone alive. And fed. 


Do you, like me, have a hard time staying focused on what your daily plans are? I also find staying, er, emotionally balanced, is also a challenge. Now don’t get me wrong. If it was just me involved in my days then for the most part emotional stability would be easier…add three 9-14 year old girls and…do I need to finish this thought for you or are you already catching my drift? Needless to say I was at the Dollar Tree the other day and stumbled upon this poor man’s, er…I mean cheapskate’s, no…let’s go with “financially responsible” version of vinyl wall letters. I bought them, for $1!, and quickly placed them in a location visible to pretty much everybody all day long (please note I am pointing out here the pro of our smaller, downsized house)! I also captured a photo of it and set it as my “locked screen” image. It’s funny how a little reminder like this has helped me ground myself in the midst of life that at many times can feel anything but “calm”. We CAN do all things through Christ. And it doesn’t have to be crazy and hectic-and when it is I can still have Christ’s peace in the midst. Thanks you Jesus! Also Coffee. Jesus has provided “seattle’s best #5” coffee which also helps. A lot. 

It’s going to be a great day!

La Gringa



3 thoughts on “Keeping Calm. And sane. And everyone alive. And fed. 

  1. Kathy King says:

    Excellent reminder. Annie has sensory deprivation disorder. She flips out easy and has horrible temper tantrums. Her preschool teacher cut down watching Annie because it’s too exhausting! Hanging in there. Sigh……:-)


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