Un Baño Nuevo

The fall of 2014 found us with a Cocina Nueva (see how I am making you remember your high-school Spanish class vocabulary? No need to thank me…). This Spring will find us with…Un Baño Nuevo! I can’t wait to not look at myself in the mirror while using the toilet (yes, there is a mirror on the shower door that lands right in front of the loo…who does such a thing? I mean, it takes any good body image thoughts you’ve managed to scrape up and flushes it right down the, well, toilet. (I know what you’re thinking here-“did she really have to use that pun?” um…fantastic pun!!)

Also-blue sinks show WAY too much toothpaste for a family of five to keep up with.

Not to mention the spigot in the shower that should fill the bathtub doesn’t work so in order to take a bath (which never happens because of what I’m about to explain) had to be shut off due to a leak or something…I’m not the plumber here…just the blogger. Let’s picture filling up the bathtub using the shower-head shall we?

There’s hope! T-minus 7 days to the start of a new bathroom! Now we’ll be doing this project on weeknights and weekends so we’re estimating about 1 month to a completely finished, new bathroom (we’ll see if that timeline changes at all…what?! of course it will! This project will cost us twice as much and take twice as long…they ALL do!! Silly). Also-we’re dealing with 1960s plumbing mysteries so who knows what that will hold. Thank goodness we have a toilet crammed between the washer and the dryer in the basement we can use…and a standing shower down there, too. All set for demolition day!

Anways…El Guapo has been working hard at finding amazing deals (as always) on eBay and Craigslist…a dresser for the vanity, a vessel sink,an faucet that will blow your mind, some really great mosaic tile to go in the shower…I’m so excited to show you pictures!

Now…go enjoy your own Baño today!

May your body image not shrink & your bathtub fill quickly!

La Gringa


6 thoughts on “Un Baño Nuevo

  1. Mom says:

    You got my day started off with a great laugh! I do hope these blogs can be downloaded into a book format and published!
    You are a very creative, informative, and entertaining writer!
    Love you!!


  2. Aunt Karen says:

    What a huge project! You are soooooo brave, but know the results will be fabulous! We will want to see the before pictures!!! 🙂


  3. This post has to be one of my favorites… you definitely have the gift of hilarity… when did you say you were going to start writing that book? I’m so happy you’re going to be getting a new bathroom… I know it will be wonderful!


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