Where I’m At

Detoxing I believe. Not from illegal substances but from going 100mph without stopping for an entire school year. I can’t seem to pull myself together lately. I mean, I get dressed everyday but having energy to do anything but the basics (feed family, drive them places, drink coffee, respond to high priority emails, write this blog (apparently), send out our “it’s not even close to the holidays but I don’t know what else to call it but a Christmas letter” letter to family and friends and last but not least text friends funny memes-what’s a “meme”? here’s an example):

And yes, I make time for sending them because they make you laugh. People in rehab need to laugh, too, dontcha know.

I’ve also found time to read (make sure you understand-all I am doing is reading) about house organization. It all started when Sarah handed me a book at the library and said, “Here mom. You need this.” When Abby saw this interaction she quickly put her arm around me, rubbed my back and said, “It’s okay mom. You’re a really good mom.” Here’s the book she handed me:

So I checked it out (I never said I was a proud woman) and started reading. This author is a New Yorker. She’s also OCD. She has good tips but I was feeling as though she really didn’t get life on a dirty farm, in a small farm house with three kids that were home all day. Making messes. Big messes that left long trails of more big messes. She doesn’t own a car much less a mini-van with enough crumbs in it that could feed a small country in an emergency. Then I found this book for sale at the library for $.25 because of water damage (I love the irony of water damage on a house organizing book)! A sign of hope that this just might be my kind of organizing book!

Now THIS is a book that’s right up my alley, er, gravel driveway. She’s witty, from Colorado, has two kids (not homeschooled, but that’s okay-I can work around that), a cheap, er, budget conscious (you’re welcome, honey) husband, and is hilarious. I guess now I just have to put some of these things into practice…*SIGH*. Let’s refer back to the first paragraph, shall we?

Anyways…I’m assuming my energy will come back just before El Guapo organizes that intervention he’s been secretly planning. I’m sure he’s wondering if I’ll ever get to the basement. (Meme warning):

If you haven’t seen the movie “Mom’s Night Out” you need to. There’s this great scene where the mom (Allyson) is hiding in a closet-maybe eating chocolate, I can’t remember, and her husband (Sean) finds her. Here’s the dialogue:

Allyson, in the closet:  Actually, I’m hiding.
Sean:  Hiding from what??
Allyson:  The house.  It’s awful.

Allyson:  I’m stress paralyzed.
Sean:  I don’t think that’s a thing.
Allyson:  It might, it might be a thing.

Right, it’s sorta like that. Stress Paralyzed. Just go rent the movie (even if you’ve seen it before).

So that’s Where I’m At. Except my closet is too small to fit inside of. Irony.

Thanks for listening.

Oh, and here’s another meme-if you need another example:

La Gringa


5 thoughts on “Where I’m At

  1. Loved your card!!! I always blame my unorganized house on my kids, but my husband is convinced it would be messy even if we didn’t have children. 😦 Truth is I don’t want to spend my whole life cleaning. I have other more interesting things to do!! 🙂


  2. Anonymous says:

    Ha!… I LOVED this… OMGosh, I don’t think I could pick a favorite thing out of this one because they’re ALL hilarious!!! It IS okay mom… you ARE a really great mom… really 🙂


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