Pardon the silence…

….I’m dilated to a 6 and I’m entering “that stage”. I think people have called it the “wall of fire”. There’ll be a baby to hold on the other side of that wall. A “classical conversations” baby that is. 

In case my analogy has failed to get my point across-here it is plain and simple: I’m very, very busy getting this year’s Classical Conversations community together. We start September 15. Until then let me leave you with some parting photos. There’s no captions or explanations. I’m too busy breathing and focusing on pushing this baby out for details like that, remember?!

Wow! We’ve had a blast this summer!! Be back soon!

La Gringa 


2 thoughts on “Pardon the silence…

  1. Aunt Cheri says:

    Loved seeing these pictures! You have had a busy summer, but you have had lots of different experiences. Really loved the Oceanside pictures….and your family pic with the ocean backdrop! Very nice!


  2. Loved your ‘giving birth’ analogy… so funny, but so perfect :). And I loved the pictures, but did you have to post a picture of that cookie… I’ve got your chocolate chip cookies on the brain now, thank you very much 🙂


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