Backpack 18



For those of you who’ve been following LaStradaTostada for a while you know that El Guapo and I love to get into the wilderness of the Colorado Rockies to celebrate our anniversary. This year was no different (albeit late in the season for miss “I get really cold just thinking about being really cold”). Thanks to all three grandparents (one for  each grandkid to go to) and to our Pastor Scott and family for caring for our other kids the chickens, ducks and cats (that’s all the farm animals we have right now. Phew) we were able to pull off a trip into the James Peak Wilderness.  We started at the East Portal Trailhead of the South Boulder Creek Trail and headed up three grueling hours (4.5 miles) to Heart Lake. Beautiful. Stunning. Popular. Situated at 11,300ft. We were able to find a quaint, tucked away spot to set up camp-where no one could find us 🙂

Sadly, I got blisters 😦 even with my proven hiking boots! Darn it. I thought I’d figured that part out. Oh well. It was a pretty vertical climb so I was on my heels a lot. Speaking of heels….this trip comes right on the heels of my CC year starting up (see my previous post). Ever tried hiking while in labor?!? Ha! Well, God has been gracious and allowed CC to wait until we get back-priorities don’t ya know!! 

We managed to bag a 13er (that’s Coloradan speak for “we hiked up to a 13,000 ft. above sea level mountain) on day two. Phew! More time on those heels but God’s creation is so magnificent and breathe taking that I forgot about the blasted blisters. 

 If this goes through you’ll see a video we sent to the grandparents while on a mini summit-high enough to get cell service. Also it’s windy up that high…

 There was also ample opportunities for fishing-which El Guapo took ample opportunity catch:

We call that one dinner. 🙂

We’ve been dreaming and talking more of doing the Colorado Trail once the girls are out (that will happen, right?!?) and El Guapo can take a month or more off of work and still come back to a job…(will that ever happen??!!) so we’ve been reading up on “ultra light backpacking”. It’s a thing. We brought along a book to read together and it’s been really fun! Challenging ideas about how to backpack with less stuff but very tempting as the idea of a hauling around a 50-60 pound pack vs. a 25pound pack for a month through the Rockies  sounds delightful. Can we sleep under a tarp with just a down quilt and bivy sack?! Yikes. Maybe 35pounds and throw in a pillow. 

And let’s be sure to include breakfast sausage, potatoes and eggs. YUM. 


Well! It’s off to birth this baby! (Not a real baby-sorry to confuse you. It’s the “baby” called Classical Conversations). That would be crazy though if I’d actually hiked while in labor…and that we were going to have a fourth…right. Not happenin. 

But here’s our beautiful three we do have and got to return to. Absence makes the heart grow fonder-of retirement…er, I mean love for my hormonally charged, oops-that should read …of these bundles of joy, love, and constant reminders of why I need Jesus. 

(We were excited about an Indiana Jones movie El guapo’s mom and step dad gave us. Heeehee.)

Fondly, with blisters and all,

La Gringa 



3 thoughts on “Backpack 18

  1. Anonymous says:

    Oh my dear Lori! You are too funny and really courageous and brave to take on this level of backpacking – very impressive! You and Aaron are an inspiration! I’m glad Uncle Dennis only asked me to ride in his little (very little to me) airplanes cross country! That was my big climb, the rest was quite a roller coaster – we celebrated 38 years this month! Love you guys and are SO proud of you two! May the “delivery” go smoothly! 🙂


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