There is only now.


I have a strong urge to convince you that “I”m still alive!” or that “I’m back!” or something like that. Since it’s been months since I posted I feel obligated to mention the time between the posts…but instead I’ll just put some pictures up that back up this quote above here. I don’t know who it’s from, actually, just that I saw it on Instagram (yes! I’m back on social media! Find me on instagram: TrueMountainBakery). I love this saying. In the spirit of that-I share some photos of my current “now”.

Above: Parade of lights Silliness


Above: Glorious way to wake up!


Above: My friend Sherry has been sending me her artwork she creates during her time with the Lord.

Really? How awesome is God that the gives me friends like this?!


Above: Mrs. Charles and me. Repeat above reference to God’s awesomeness and friends.


Above: Freezing at the Parade of Lights for my birthday!



Above: This tree. The snow. The barn. Takes my breath away (literally it was about 10′ as a high that day).


Above: Celebrating (other people’s) birthdays that end in zero are way more fun with friends. Thanks, ladies, for forging the trail!

I’ve still got one year left!


Above: Zip-lines (that one in the background is just a practice one). We spent four hours zip lining as a family-what?! So fun!


Above: What’s cuter than a bunch of kittens? Three sweet friends cuddling said kittens!

IMG_4064 (1)

Above: Abby got nabbed to be the minion to advertise for our church’s Harvest Fest one Sunday! Love!!

IMG_4056 (1)

Above: We sold the chickens and ducks! What?! We’re down to just alpacas that we board-and barn cats. Aren’t they so cute and fuzzy?IMG_4044 (1)

Above: El Guapo is a beekeeper- mentioned this before. He harvested his honey this spring, somehow boiled down the honeycomb and got the wax and then made these candles. Have you sensed a “Charles Ingalls” spirit in my husband yet?


Above: Papi and Alli…love!


Above: And another beautiful reminder from Sherry. Hope! Christ is born this day! (okay, not this day-but in a couple of days-and really we don’t know when it was-but we’re doing our best here as Christians-let’s go with this for now shall we?).

Merry Christmas, friends.

La Gringa


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