Spinning class & where my DNA went


Hi. I’m back. and I’m mean it this time. None of this, “Oops!” “Sorry, that wasn’t for you!” posts. This is the Real Deal. Just for YOU!

(prepare yourself-I’m on a “meme-roll” today)

We joined the YMCA here in Monument. We came from a dreamland of Rec centers (and non-competitive (read: cheap and not as many crazed “sports parents” on the sidelines) CARA teams). They don’t have that here. Here it’s either public schools for sports or private organizations. And for an indoor gym/workout option you must pay membership fees at a YMCA or country club. I held out for three years-thinking that I could just run with a headlamp (and a construction vest with reflective tape) and a friend at 5am but when the snow (and ice!!) and complete darkness and urban legends of people sleeping overnight along the trail we were running (pun!) through my head I decided “enough is enough!”, re-worked the budget (thanks to the Alpaca boarding) and signed up for a membership at the Y. (Yes, I realize I could’ve said all of that in like two sentences-but where’s the fun in that?!).

I started going at my usual time (5-6am) and then discovered over Christmas break that there are classes-with other people!-pushing me to work really hard-harder than I was pushing myself on the treadmill at 5.5mph-and now I’m hooked (at least until the snow melts, the sun comes up and I don’t have to wear 14 layers of clothing just to run for 30min. outside).

I started with the standard “boot camp” and “interval training” classes. Which I still do once/week. BUT THEN! Someone I knew suggested I try out a spinning class. As in a bike. That moves back and forth (but not forward and backward : ). I’d heard legends about these classes. When they first came out years ago they were said to be filled with die-hard roadies (as in bicyclists riding on roads). If you weren’t used to it there was ZERO chance of survival if you tried one of these classes. But this friend that suggested it to me was so “normal”. How could I not try it?

Holy schnikies batman! I’ve been going for a little over two weeks now and geez louise! My thighs are on FIYAH! And the amount of sweat dripping from my face is just really gross when you think about how many other people have been on that bike and done the exact same thing and then halfheartedly wiped it down with a paper-towel and some spray we’re all really hoping stops the transmittal of whatever can be transmitted in sweat…I’m pretty sure a lot of really terrible diseases-but I’m not going to google it.


To quote Tony Horton (that’s the p90x guy and no, he has nothing to do with the YMCA or my spinning class), “that’s some serious DNA removal”.

I could only find this super cheesy meme to go with this one:

There’s also the added “that’s her/his bike” dynamic that brings you back to middle school when you sit in a seat and unbeknownst to you that’s where the most popular person sits-and everyone knew that but you…yeah. Spinning class is kinda like that….


So, for some (more!) comedic relief (and at the risk of sounding like a spinning geek after just only 2 weeks of doing this) I leave you with some funny memes on spinning. I needed to laugh today-why not share the laughter?!







Have a great day, today!!

La Gringa


7 thoughts on “Spinning class & where my DNA went

  1. Thanks! great post.

    Timothy F. Merrill Executive Editor, Homiletics (www.HomileticsOnline.com) Editor, HomeTouch (www.HomeTouchMinistry.com) Books (available at Amazon [Kindle] and http://www.lulu.com [paperback]: The Count of Chartres: The Reluctant Crusader, A Novel (2014) The Temporary Typist: A Novel (2013) Website: http://timothymerrill.net Winkies, Toilets and Holy Places (non-fiction, 2008); http://www.iUniverse.com Follow me on Twitter: @timothymerrill


  2. Charisa Howe says:

    You are so funny!! Your blog posts are so much fun to read. You keep it beautifully real.

    We’re finally actually homeschooling this year. I miss you. I always imagined that I would run to you for advice, and support with all things homeschooling. I’m happy to find others in our little Reunion/Landing Place world who are also attempting this same brand of what feels like craziness and chaos sometimes. I miss your presence and that of your precious family. I’m so happy for you that you are living somewhere that is in more ideal in many ways for your family.

    Just wanted to take a moment to let you know I think you’re pretty cool! πŸ™‚

    Charisa Howe (You probably don’t remember me, but you made an impression on me)

    On Jan 13, 2016 10:11 AM, “La Strada Tostada” wrote: > > La Strada Tostada posted: ” Hi. I’m back. and I’m mean it this time. None of this, “Oops!” “Sorry, that wasn’t for you!” posts. This is the Real Deal. Just for YOU! (prepare yourself-I’m on a “meme-roll” today) We joined the YMCA here in Monument. We came from a dreamland ” >


    • Charisa! I am so sorry I never replied to your beautiful, encouraging words! Of course I remember who you are! I am excited for the journey that you are on! Maybe I will see you when I am in Reunion visiting my parents this summer!


  3. Anonymous says:

    Love your post and love that you are back writing again! Very impressed with your work out commitment! I cannot imagine ever in my life attempting such a bold and ambitious program!


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