So this is awkward.

How do we just start this back up again without talking about what happened? Without referencing the complete silence in this space since April 2016? I mean, I could just erase everything and pretend like this is my first post and I haven’t been blogging since, um, I don’t know, say, 2007? But that’s not really how I roll.

*SO MUCH HAS CHANGED since I last talked to you. I want to burst into tears when I start looking back at it…partly because I just went off Zoloft and am starting to feel things again and can’t seem to stop crying and being super angry at people and also happy and silly again, too. And partly because holy dumpster fire Batman! 2016 through 2019 saw a lot of things and well, you know me, I’m not one to beat around the bush. Unless of course I’m looking for a good spot to tinkle on a backpacking trip, but I digress (and also provide you with this illustration I found of beating around the bush.)

Copyright Géraldine Adams 2013.
All rights reserved

I’ll be back soon (I’ve set aside two whole mornings each week to write!). Can’t wait to start sharing again with you!

Ex’s and oh’s, Onward and upward,



9 thoughts on “So this is awkward.

  1. Kristen says:

    Wow, I’m very proud of your switch to a flip-phone! I’ve totally thought of it!
    But my awesome man just bought me an iPhone 11 Pro because he knows how much I love pictures…. but I could still disable internet on it…. and the FB addiction. So. Real. What did you do for the first few days of no technology? How did you handle the withdrawal? Seriously.


  2. Hey Kristen…did you just post this reply? I definitely had a season when I switched to a flip phone (and blogged about it) but that was ages ago so not sure how your comment showed up here, today? In 2020?


    • Kristen Anderson says:

      how weird! I saw a link to your blog on FB and the post I saw talked about the switch to a flip phone. (enter head scratching emoji) Anyway, yes I just posted that reply. So you are back in the modern world with a smart phone, trying to deal with the addiction like the rest of us!


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