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Weights, Toilets and my Mom

I just ordered hand weights. I scrubbed my own toilet. I wash my hands like my kindergarten teacher taught me to do it 38 years ago. I haven’t hugged anyone outside of my immediate family since Sunday (I know, it’s only Tuesday, but still – I’m an extrovert you know). I did get my nails done a week and a half ago and they’re still going strong so that’s exciting.

Let’s pull back the layers and re-visit item two from the paragraph above, shall we? Look. It’s not that I hate cleaning (I actually enjoy looking back and thinking to myself, “Wow, you did that. You made that clean!”) but to really get things clean you have to have a high attention to detail and a hefty serving of perseverance. These are two character qualities that skipped a generation. Seriously. Have any of you seen my mom clean? She is a machine. Absolutely amazing. I mean, she has a tool (brush, rag, what else do you use to clean things?, and a liquid (secret potions for sure) to get anything clean.

See? I told you she’s magical.

This is proof that most things skip a generation. I really don’t like to clean. And by “don’t like” I mean I basically make sure I make at least $130/month so I can pay a house cleaner to come over and do it for me. “Don’t like” as in Corinda was sick this past week and we had to clean the house all. by. ourselves. and I barely had enough cleaner to get the job done. Only a max of two people at any given time could be cleaning – and really only one toilet at a time because we only have one bottle of Pursue Disinfectant (I grew up on Amway products and still source it from my mom sometimes. Sometimes she gives me gifts like cleaning products because that’s how great she is).

So anyways, we all pitched in and cleaned the house yesterday (and the crowd goes wild). SOMEONE, who shall remain nameless, mentioned that maybe we don’t need to pay a house cleaner to do it because “look at what a great job we all did”. Look. This is a temporary set-up where we’re all home and motivated. Also, I like my job a lot and what will I do with that $130 if we don’t have a house cleaner?!

I armed everyone with a typed-up checklist of their area to clean. We did it. And we’ll probably have to do it again sometime soon with all that’s going on, so I better make sure we have enough cleaning stuff. I have a Norwex window cloth thingy that’s amazing (just one though) and that is the best thing ever.

How do you clean your house? Do you do it all in one day or one room at a time? Do you have any tricks or favorite products? Or do you just pay your own Corinda to do it for you so it’s clean, all in one day, for about 2 hours, until we start living in it again? (best two hours of the month).

‘merica, we got this.