“Everybody chill!” and Other Things I Say to the Voices Inside my Head

Lest I spin you down the anxiety spiral along with me, I shall not list all of the things going on in the news/world/EVERYWHERE! that are cause for alarm. Suffice it to say, we’ve got some choices on how we’re dealing with the information that’s coming at us everyday, right? I love me some podcasts (have you ever listened to Pantsuit Politics? It’s good. I linked to their “about” page because it goes straight to who they are and what they’re doing) and I also enjoy the news. But not right now. I mean, I enjoy the sound of someone talking to me about what’s up outside of my own community, but what is happening right now?! I can’t get the pictures of anxious Costco shoppers buying up all the toilet paper and hand sanitizer out of my mind. Everybody chill. All y’all dancing around in my brain trying to get me to purchase large amounts of food lest we be quarantined for days on end and ***** is/will/become president and, oops, sorry. I said I wouldn’t go into details.

So how do you handle stress and anxiety? I tried Zoloft for a couple of months and really appreciated it, although I felt a little flat – like no emotion at all, which isn’t me and my people were side-eyeing me constantly. “Who is she and why is just sitting there?!” But it was really helpful to get me through some hard times. I might try it again.

Meditate? Pray? Exercise? Hold up. Can we just talk about the spelling of exercise? I’m a naturally good speller, but dang that one gets me. Every time.

Where were we? Oh yes, listing off de-stressors. GETTING OUTSIDE. That’s a big one for me, which is why February makes me want to crawl into a hole and never come out. Figures all of this crazy news was happening in February. When I home schooled I had an annual reminder on my calendar that said, “Don’t give up home schooling, you always feel like this in February!” I even had two kids in February – I now believe this to be a subconscious way to improve February in some way. I mean it helps, don’t get me wrong, but I am so glad it’s March now. Light the spring-scented candles! Take the dog for walks without getting all the gloves, hats and ear cover thingys on! Wear Birkenstocks without socks! Look for daffodils trying to come up way too early, just to be killed off by the impending frost. And hail. Whoops. Okay fine, so March in Colorado is barely spring, (it’s actually our snowiest season and hail is really a thing) but there’s hope of warmer weather, bluer skies and wildflowers.

This was an actual alert – like it came into my phone like one of those Amber Alerts, but instead of an actual human being that was missing, this was telling us about a SNOW SQUALL. This happened TWICE IN ONE WEEK. In February. And yes, I’m shouting this with ALL CAPS because WTF?
p.s. That stands for “what the fork?!”. Because The Good Place, and Kristen Bell, obvi.

In the meantime, everybody chill, and we’ll all get through this. Together.

Onward and upward,

Lori (and her mind-friends)